Tutorial: Rust Effect

I recently experimented with some rusty barrels on a diorama and decided I would write a tutorial on it for a couple of reasons: One, so other people can create the same effect should they want to. Two, so I can look it up when I want to do so again in the future and can remember how it’s done.

Equipment: Typhus Corrosion, Skagg Brown, Jokero Orange, Leadbelcher, Agrax Earthshade, Nihilakh Oxide.

I have used a wall for this, but it would work well on pipes or anything that might get rusty!

Step 1:

Paint the entire surface with Typhus Corrosion – this will add the rusty texture which we need for the next steps.

Step 2:

Drybrush with Skagg brown – those texture areas will start to show up in this and the next steps.

Step 3:

Looking a bit corroded there.

Step 4:

Stipple on silver, or other metallic colour, to show fresh chips in the rust.

Step 5:

Use Agrax Earthshade to put in some darker areas where crud might run.

Step 6:

Use Nihilakh Oxide to add a bit of colour to the deeper parts – maybe these were made of copper and are now tarnished!

Finished! Simple way to make an effective rust pattern!

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