40K · LARP

October 2022

It has been a hectic six weeks since my last update here. At the end of September was Humanity Ascendant, which was as fun as it always it. Running around shooting one another with laser guns and generally messing about it always fun. It’s great to catch up with friends, old and new, while out in the fresh air. I am certainly looking forward to the next event in April.

I turned 40 at the start of October, which was as much a surprise to me than anyone else. It involved a lovely trip to the seaside, playing games with friends and all the usual birthday things that happen. I also made a bucketlist of things I want to try and achieve now that I am 40. A few of the things on that list include:

  • Own a Land Rover Defender
  • Climb a Mountain
  • Go Rock climbing
  • Own a dog
  • Shoot real guns
  • Go White Water rafting
  • Play in a Wargames Tournament
  • Drive a tank.

All fun things that are achievable with a bit of planning!

Miniatures wise, I have been busy! I did not enter Golden Demon in the end, but have continued to work on the Reaver Titan. I have also painted some Thousand Sons of my own, as well as a few bits for other people. I’ll put some pictures here but there will be future posts about how I got on in the near future,

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