Nurgle Knights – 1

Between working on the Coast Guard tank and the warband to go with it, I have had the absolute pleasure of working on these two!

The client had done a little work on them and wanted them finishing off with a nurgle flavour. I decided that meant the bases had to look like nurgle’s garden! I grabbed as many different plant type things as I could find, created some toxic ponds and ‘went to town.’ I am so pleased with how they have ended up, I do not think they are too over the top, but you can definitely see that they are on an abundant floral place!

The bonus is, I have a big knight to work on too! That base is going to be amazing! I might see what fun I can have with a leaf cutter and some resin too!


Freehand on the Tank.

One of my clients has recently retired from the Coast Guard, and has asked me to paint an Inquisitor and his retinue in Coast Guard colours. This group also need a super cool transport, which I have been working on this past week. He asked if it could be painted in the colours of the Coast Guard’s vehicles, with their symbol on the back. I was only too happy to oblige. It turned out to be quite the challenge. This is the symbol I worked from, and the car for reference too:

I wanted the symbol to look really cool, so decided the yellow would be a non metallic metal gold. First thing I did was sketch out the symbol where I wanted it on the tank in pencil

I then proceeded to add the gold, working up through the colours starting dark and then layering up yellows and browns until I had the effect I wanted.

I added the gems in the crown and tidied up the details.

The final part – which was the hardest – was adding the ‘Greek Key’ pattern over the top of the gold. This was particularly nerve-wracking, as if I had gone wrong, I would have had to start over again. I practiced the pattern first, then lightly drew it on in pencil. I then painted over it.

Lastly, I used bluetack to lift of the remaining pencil and the end result is what you see.

Now I just need to finish the rest of the tank!


House of Excess, now in colour!

Between commissions, I have managed to paint some of the Foundry miniatures. I really wanted to see what ruffly pants men looked like in garish colours, so went for it! Yellow and purple are a good clash, and then add in the bright blue gems and it looks truly… bright.

I like them. I know these sculpts are a very hit or miss thing depending on preference, as with most things, but I think they’re pretty funky!

If you are interested in these miniatures, they can be found here:


Humanity Ascendant: Event 9 – Horizons.

This weekend found me back in field! What a pleasure it was too. For those of you who don’t know, Humanity Ascendant is a Live Action Role Play game set 500 years in the future. The world has ‘survived’ an event called The Fall, which forced humanity to live underground. The apocalypse has eased off now to the point where people are back on the surface and fighting for survival. Think Fallout with an Xcom feel to it and you get the general idea.

This weekend was the first time I played a soldier character. Due to rules reasons, my last character was no longer viable, so I switched it up.

I spent my weekend running up and down hills, shooting at people with a big gun. When I wasn’t playing my character, I was doing the same thing as a monster! It was amazing.

While I was not shooting people – there is a lot more to this game than simply shooting guns – I was writing notes and interviewing people for the magazine! My character is also a reporter, who produces ‘Guns and Ammo’ for the other players to read. I interviewed a couple of other characters, some of the NPC’s and made notes for other pages.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I have come home tired but enthusiastic about the next steps in the game.

Humanity Ascendant’s next event is 23-25th September at Giants Seat in Manchester.

We have a very active Facebook group, who will be more than happy to answer questions and help get people involved should they need to. All the game guides and forms can also be found there:


Personal Miniatures!!

I have started putting some time aside each week to work on my own miniatures. I want to clear some of my own backlog, and it is a good time to practice some skills too.

This week, I worked on some Iron warriors and some more freehand on the Warmaster Titan.

These guys just needed a little bit of touching up and dusting. They did not take long to finish and get put in the cabinet.

This guy’s weapon was broken beyond repair, so I had to look around for a new one. when the Horus Heresy box set drops, we plan on using them as Blood Angels, and I had a spare sword from the 40k ones I had a while back. This guy clearly grabbed a replacement weapon off a fallen Blood Angel!

The layer blending is not perfect. I think I need a darker mid tone so it doesn’t blend in with the light one as much.

I now have most of the troops done; just 6 regular guys, 12 terminators and then I can move on to the vehicles and dreadnoughts.

My other task was to do a bit more on the Warmaster, Captain Cogs. This machine is taking a long time but if I keep doing a little each week, then he’ll eventually get finished!


Sisters of Battle and a Couple of Marines

This is another commission I have recently worked on. As many know, I am not a huge fan of Sisters of Battle, but these ones weren’t too bad to work on. Perhaps because there were not too many of them.

I also worked on a Space Wolf Iron Priest, who I am really pleased with. I love putting snow on Space Wolf bases, as I feel this really adds to their look. I used contrast paint over silver on some parts to keep the shine, and even dug out some old yellow ink for some parts.

The apothecary also turned out well. I am still not a huge fan of painting white, as it can be tricky to get looking crisp. I used Ulthuan Grey to help achieve this in this case and I feel he turned out alright.


More orks!!

Who doesn’t need more orks?

I recently finished these mean, green fighting machines as a part of a commission for a client. I have done several orks for him before and it was a pleasure to do a few more to add to the valiant fighting force he already has!

I particularly like the killteam boss with his hat on!


D&D Miniatures.

While we were on holiday – more of a people stay at ours for the week and we nerd out – we played a couple of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. One of them was the regular Curse of Strahd, which was both terrifying and hilarious in many ways.

The other was a ‘One Shot’ fill in when one of our friends couldn’t make it. We already had the characters and I’d painted these to go with them, so we played a light hearted campaign with the daftest characters I have encountered. A Kobold Alchemist who had all the potions, A goblin Sorcerer who was also a fortune teller and My Gnoll Druid who eats everything she can.

It was a lot of fun, and these are some of the minis I painted so we could enjoy the game in full colour, not grey resin!