Iron Warriors Tank!

As most of you know already, I love tanks. I love painting them and think they look cool. So today I decided to finish off/touch up one of the Iron Warrior Tanks that I have had laying around here for ages.

I added a lot of grime in the recesses to make them stand out, and some battle chips with rust, and more grime too! I airbrushed Seraphim Sepia around the bottom of the tank to make it look extra muddy and painted over the black to make it look a little crisper too.

I am so pleased with how this tank turned out!


Take a Walk Through the Ages

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of going to a local showground to an event that explored different areas of history. Everything from Romans to World War II. A whole host of reenactors displayed weaponry, fired guns and drove vehicles showing off the era of history they were interested in the most. There was even a recreation of a battle scene from WWII!

It was loud, it smelled of cordite and smoke but it was a lot of fun. Everyone there was very friendly and eager to talk about their passion. I heard a lot of stories from people from all different backgrounds and it was amazing. I also took a lot of pictures – as you can imagine – and I want to share those here!

I can’t pick which part of the day was my favourite. I loved seeing the costumes, the battle, hearing the guns and talking to everyone as well. We had a great time, and I am already looking forward to next year’s event!


Knight Moirax

Regular client and my good friend, Andy over at Simply Warhammer on Youtube, commissioned me to finish off a set of three Knight Moirax recently.

I love painting bigger miniatures and these are lovely detailed kits. They did not take me too long to paint as bits of them were already done. I am especially pleased with the bases – this is something I want to start getting a bit more adventurous with. I used red crackle paint over a yellow base and then drybrushed some orange over the top and added dead plants to give a desert battle ground feel.


Iron Warrior Terminators

Over the past couple of days, I have been working on some more of the Iron Warriors that have been hanging around here. It was really nice to get some more of them done and in the cabinet. This time, it was the terminators! They did not need too much touching up, and I feel that what I have done to them has made them pop a bit more.

I really like the ones with missiles on their backs! I think they are my favourites so far in this group!


Alternative Pox Walkers!

I have recently painted up a bunch of gravewalker zombies that are going to be used as pox walkers. I had loads of fun painting them up and they didn’t take long to do either. I went for a green and grimy look, and did not need to do the bases as the client will finish them off to match other minis.

I love painting undead things, and these for right in!!

The only thing I might add is some slime here and there, just for extra nurgle grossness!


Death Guard – a new technique!

I was recently asked to paint a bunch of Death Guard Marines for a client. They asked if Inwould be able to match some miniatures they had already done using a similar style.

It was neat because the original miniatures were done using loads of washes and technical paints rather than string acrylic colours. It was a lot of fun trying to match the colours and grime of the original minis while trying to add my own flair to them. Here they are:

I m so pleased with how they turned out, and would like to try those technique on other models to see how well it carries over.


Warhammer World 2022

I love going to Warhammer World and today was as awesome as always. It has been a while since I have been, and I know some of the displays have changed. After a refreshing lunch at Bugmans – as good as always – we decided to explore the galleries and see what we could find. I took a lot of pictures while we walked around and took away a lot of inspiration and ideas.

I also ran into a friend while there, which was lovely as I had not seen them since before lockdown! The atmosphere was buzzing and it was great to see the event hall in use by so many people too.

Here are the pictures!


Book Review: Empire of the Sun

This is the second book in the ‘gritty, dark’ category that I have tried. Written by JG Ballard, it follows the story of a young boy called Jim as he is captured and held in a prison camp during World War II.

The novel begins when Jim is ten years old, and living in Shanghai with his parents. The Japanese invade and round up all the European citizens and hold them in refugee camps for the remainder of the war. It follows his story of being separated from his parents and captured, his befriending of camp occupants and eventually, his liberation from the camp.

Death is a permanent fixture in the novel – and no detail is spared with the living on their journey to death either. As a novel, some of the details are gruesome, which are exactly why I read these types of book.

The story itself is engaging, easy to read and emotionally moving in parts as well.

I did not like how the book ended, I found that aspect unrealistic. Jim was eventually reunited with both his parents, and considering the deprivation that they had all suffered, it seemed unrealistic that they both survived. Especially how others, younger and ‘stronger’, had died quickly. I felt that the need for a happy ending cheapened the story in some ways.

Ratings then:

Gross factor: 9/10

Grit: 6/10

The details are disgusting, but the grit only gets a 6 because of the forced ending!


Coast Guard Inquisitor Warband!

I have finally finished the Coast Guard commission and I am so proud of the miniatures. I love the tank, and the Warband itself too.

The scheme was blues and gold/yellow and based on the coast guard, as explained in a previous post.

The coast guard symbol is about an inch and a half long, and I’m proud of these miniatures. The faves turned out well, the gold looks deep and the swords well blended.


Book Review: The Short Timers

I have recently discovered that I really enjoy gritty novels that are based around real accounts of human suffering. This book is the basis for one of my favourite films: Full Metal Jacket.

Although this is a fictitious account of the Vietnam War, the characters within are based on those that were met by the author. I thoroughly enjoyed the more in depth look at what happened than we see in the film, and the raw way in which it was written. Carried throughout the pages is the black humour and deep sense of irony that we are treated to in Cubrick’s film adaptation.

Only, it’s ten times worse.

The events the characters are forced to endure, from boot camp on Parris Island, through to the jungles of Vietnam are magnified tenfold. Joker, the main character, begins his journey much as the film shows us and follows him through his journey as a war correspondent, and then as a ‘grunt’ in the jungle – where he joins his friend from basic training. I won’t spoil what happens, because I want you to read the book for yourselves and make that discovery.

The narrative I found easy to read, though there are some phrases that are specific to the time it is set. Rather than make the book hard to read, it added charm to the story and helped build a picture of what happened. Some of the events feel like you are suddenly whisked off on some crazy drug trip, which leave you wondering ‘did that just happen’? A lot of the time, it did… and it wasn’t pretty!

Unfortunately, the book is out of print. However, I managed to find a PDF copy for free online here:

So, how do I rate this book? As it is the first ‘gross’ book I have read, it is setting the bar so here goes.

Gross factor: 7/10

Grit: 9/10

This was a good read, and it has opened up a whole new genre of reading for me! I shall be on the hunt for more of it’s kind soon!