March the Month – End

Today is the last day of my charity walking for Prostate Cancer. I have walked 11,000 steps every day for September, which has not always been easy. I’ve made day numbers up by marching in place, walked along canals, promenades and paths. I went on a LARP adventure and Made trips on foot instead of driving and ensuring I get my dance work outs in too. It has been amazing.

I managed a total of 361859 steps this month, and look forward to putting my feet up tomorrow!

So far, I have raised £225 for the charity, which is awesome in itself. Thank you everyone for the support and donations, I am sure it will go some way to help research a cure for this dreadful disease.

If you want to donate now that I have finished, the link is here:


Forster’s Foundry: tanks.

I love painting tanks. I find the pretty easy now as I have done so many, and relaxing too. I was only too happy to learn that tanks were available in the Lunar Auxilia range and painting them was a true pleasure.

Here they are in the army colour red to match most of the rest of the force I have done so far.

I particularly like the one with wheels. These tanks are available to purchase either painted or I painted from the Foundry. Links below:


Infernal Master – Take 2

It’s always great hearing how much people like your work. It’s better when they like your work so much they want one of their own.

This happened with the Infernal Master over on Instagram. Someone approached me asking for a cloak similar to mine but the rest of the mini in a regular paint scheme.

I was only too happy to do so. It’s hard replicating the cloaks, but the owner was happy with what I had done. Here he is:

I love this mini and I’m very pleased with how it has turned out a second time!


Rome Ad Astra – Kickstarter

Exciting times!

These new minis, and others, are going to be available on Kickstarter from ThatEvilOne – the fellow responsible for the Lunar Auxilia and Perfect Sons range on the Foundry.

We were more than happy to print a few samples of the range and I painted them up. Here they are:

The Kickstarter is not live yet, but as soon as I get more details, I will share them with you. They’re great looking minis!


Humanity Ascendant: Event 7

Finally! Two years after I agreed to try out this post-apocalyptic LARP, I got to go. Between terrible weather and Covid, it has been a long time coming.

It was worth the wait. So worth the wait. Never before have I had fun crawling around in the woods in the dark trying to avoid being seen. I have not enjoyed rolling about on the muddy ground in the rain as much as I did this weekend.

Knowing where to start describing how awesome this game is difficult, but I will try to move past simply saying ‘ahh this is great!’

My first taste of the game was trying to retake the compound in the gloom of Friday evening. I was shot at a few times – nothing too serious, and was able to collect a sample of a bad guy’s blood. I play a scientist and I am keen on learning all I can about the surface of the game world and how the people there are affected. The QR code system makes this easy to do without intervention of ‘refs’ which kept immersion high.

I spent some time the next day looking at samples, before being dragged out in the dark to disrupt a bad guy nanite conversion facility. In order to do so, we had to avoid several patrols – which was terrifying and fun at the same time. It was a bit like the scene from War of the Worlds in the basement when the characters are trying to avoid the alien eye. Except it was in the overgrown woods and lasted for about an hour. I have never had so much fun crawling through the undergrowth in the dark before. The fight when we got to the facility was over quickly because we were super organised, though I did get to shoot a mad doctor type and steal yet more blood (a theme perhaps?)

The following day, we were sent out again to put up a nanite disruptor and captured the facility. More killing in the woods – this time with maximum speed so plenty of fire fights on the way. Following this, we held a position while engineers put up the disruptor. Lying on the ground in the wet was not something I ever thought I would like – I had no time to care as I was too busy shooting at bad guys and making sure those near me did not get dead. It was amazing fun!

Everyone at the game was very friendly, and welcoming. The food was excellent, the facilities were exactly what you would expect for a Scout camp and was fit for purpose.

I am very much looking forward to the next event in April and hope there will be more things to learn, shoot at and crawl through. I have so many more ideas that I want to try out and cannot wait to get back in the field.

If you want to get in on the action, there are some places left available for players and crew. You can find more information here:

Gaunt Summoner

I’ve found some time, between the commissions and the Foundry, to practice some more layer blending.

It’s a technique I am far from mastering but feel this mini has forced me to consider how I layer blend and as such, I have gotten better at it.

I wanted to try blending different colours, not just light to dark tones. I feel the result is a very vibrant mini and that I have had a good bit of success with the technique. It’s nowhere near perfect, but it is a good step in the right direction.

Points for knowing who he is summoning!!


Perfect sons – Painted

We have been printing off the range of Perfect Sons for the Forster’s Foundry website and this week I finally got around to painting some of them. I’ve really enjoyed the work I have done so far. The minis are detailed, but not saturated with intricate bits and they’ve been a pleasure to work on;

The shape of the dreadnought is awesome and I loved the smaller minis too. I am also now working on the demons and the other unit so I shall post those up when they are done!

The range can be found here:


Layer blending and Freehand

Sometimes, I get to work on miniatures for myself! I had a day not so long ago where I did just that. I decided I wanted to work on different coloured layer blending. I’ve done plenty using shades of the same colour but not different colours. I picked on the Gaunt Summoner to give it a go.

I have a long way to go with him yet, but I wanted the colours to be bright as it suits Tzeentch. I’m pleased with the green to yellow, but think the blue purple needs work. It’s a Work in Progress and I’m sure I can smooth it out as I go along.

The other mini I worked on was the Warmaster Titan. I want it to look as mean as the Warlord so I’m back on the freehand. It’s going to take some time…


Forster’s Foundry: Lunar Auxilia

The 3D printing goes well! As well as the two new ranges, we have added to the Lunar Auxilia as well. Personally, I really like the range and have had a lot of fun painting them up in the various schemes. I’ve not yet had the time to paint the latest additions but I am sure I will very soon.

I’m really looking forward to painting the mounted guns, and there are some tanks in the works too – I love tanks so I’m in for some fun in the next week or so!

The range can be found here: