Remi – Dungeons and Dragons 3D Print

I was approached by a friend recently, who had designed and purchased a STL file of her latest Dungeons and Dragons character. The character is based on a chef, named Remi, and is for the campaign ‘The Curse of Strahd.’ I could go on about the levels of fear involved when Ravenloft is mentioned, but that would run the purpose of this post completely off course.

So, I was more than happy to print out the miniature and paint it afterwards. She told me exactly how she wanted him to look, and we discussed some other ideas as well. I was super pleased with how he turned out:

This was a good opportunity to test out the print and paint part of the new business that we are setting up, and I am pleased to say I think it worked well. Remi’s owner was also happy with the outcome, which is what matters!


Lunar Auxilia

The 3D printing experiments are coming along really well. We’ve bought the license for the Lunar Auxilia and we have been using them to practice on the 3D printing. As some of you are aware, we are in the process of setting up our own company and will be selling them. This will be launched on the 1st April, and more details on that will be coming soon. For now though, I wanted to show off how awesome the prints are, and to say how much fun I am having painting them too:

Of course, if you have questions about what services we will be offering, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am happy to answer them if I can, and if not find the answer out for you!


Iron Warrior update!

I have begun the task of fixing up and touching up some of the Iron warriors. I’ve decided to focus on the infantry to begin with and have been doing one a day. So far it’s been good fun.

One task was to repair the casualties, which was just a case of matching the bits to the broken minis and regluing them.

Five need pinning but that can happen at a later time. Here are the finished ones.

I am enjoying this project greatly, and doing one a day is a surprisingly quick way to get through them. 84 left to go!

Then vehicles… yikes.


Emperor’s Spears Tank

I love painting grimy tanks, I think that is a given now with the amount I have done.

I also like painting freehand bits onto miniatures. Today, I combined the two.

I decided to paint an Emperor’s Spears tank and as they have no decals I had to paint the emblems on myself. Not too difficult as it’s a trident with a skull on it.

I then had to put battle damage over the emblem, which made me rather sad. The tank looks cool, and I’m pleased with it but it felt strange putting paint over freehand.


Death Guard.

Just a quick post today to show off some Death Guard miniatures I have painted for a regular. They will be featured on his YouTube channel at some point in the near future.

This is a link to one of his videos, featuring the miniatures I have painted in the past – worth checking out for sure!

I’m very pleased with how these turned out and it was quite difficult to send them away.

The base with the leaves and water effect I was particularly pleased with.


Commissions Catalogue Site

I was invited to sign up to a new directory for commission painters the other week, which was a welcome surprise. I do like being asked to do things, and saw this as a great opportunity to join and build a space on a new platform. Here is the link:

Even better, there is a contest at the moment!

Those who sign up as people interested in commissioning one of the artists can follow their favourite artists and comment on the work there. There are four prizes for doing so, the top being a commission of 150 Euro by whomever you choose. The website is run by a fellow in Germany.

The artist with the most followers gets a bragging trophy.

Promoting this also gets more traffic to the website, which I think is a great idea. Go and give it a look over, it’s pretty simple to use and there are some fine painters on there too!


Project: Iron Warriors.

I recently bought an Iron Warriors from a friend in Europe. Mostly to help them out rather than because I needed them.

When they arrived, they had sustained severe damage during transit, which was disappointing. One of the tanks in particular was in quite poor condition due to the damage it sustained.

I am not an expert with resin, so I got in touch with one for advice and help. Leaky_cheese to the rescue!

So, instead of despair and a pile of broken bits, I now have a project. I will be painting one Iron Warrior a day from the infantry, and Cheese will be helping me fix the bigger stuff.

I have already started – here is the Iron warrior I touched up today.

I have a lot to do, and it is a shame they sustained the damage, but with a bit of time and effort, they’ll be great!


Streaming, a tank and a sneaky peak at the First 3D print

I have started streaming again. I am finding that a very enjoyable experience and I am sure my 3 regular viewers do too. It’s good to talk hobby while painting, but also just good to talk. I enjoy seeing the discussions people have with one another while I am painting too – not always about Warhammer either. I am still working out a schedule for it, though Monday nights are a definite.

I also found it to be very focusing and I achieved a lot on both streams I have done. Today, I finished a tank in 2 hours. I had already done the base colour this morning with the airbrush, and the rest I got through quickly.

Here is the tank in question:

The other thing discussed on the stream was the 3D printing. The first miniatures have been produced and I even have one painted!

These are meant to be the traitor version of the Solar Auxilia – the Lunar Auxilia for 30k. They are being produced under license too, so they’re the ‘read deal’. Here is a sneak peak of the first one!

Watch this space for more details soon!


The First Prints

Delving into the world of 3D printing has turned out to be more fun that I though. It’s something that we have talked about for some time, and now we are in the new house, and have the space so we wont get gassed out with fumes, we spent the weekend getting everything set up.

So far, we have a Creality filament printer and an Elegoo resin printer. We rattled off some of the test prints and tinkered until we had all the settings right.

The back end of the kitchen shall be where we keep them for the time being, and we are busy experimenting with different designs and plans:

We have printed off some miniatures that could be used as traitor guardsman – we have a license for them too, and will be selling squads of these when we have some ready!

We are talking about setting up a shop as well, and purchasing more printers, however that is future plans.

I will be working on these over the next day or so, and shall have painted versions of these to show off in the near future.


New ventures.

A few things have changed lately and I’m close to settling on new schedules and names.

I have changed this place to – a name that reflects who I now am rather than where I started.

I have restarted streaming and need to work out a weekly schedule for twitch and vary my times so I get a range of people.

I still plan on taking commissions and painting as often as possible.

There is a 3D print experiment going on too in the background so watch this space for more on that. New year, new everything it seems!

Also, here are some Tzeentch dudes I did lately.