Coast Guard Warband – Part 2

In a continuation of another project, I was asked to paint some more miniatures in the coast guard theme. This time, it was a mix of different miniatures that filled in gaps and added to the power of the group. I had painted some of them previously, but not in a colour scheme like this. It was fun using different colours on familiar miniatures. Here are the results:

I really do love this scheme, and I am pleased with how they have turned out. The dark blue looked great with the flashes of bright yellow, and all these miniatures have taken it really well. I think my favourite is the robot and his instructor though!


Disgusting Death Guard!

One of my recent projects was some more Death Guard for one of my regular clients. He wanted them to match the previous scheme I had done some other miniatures in, and I was only too happy to do so. I love the wash style I did these in and how grimy they turn out.

As they are white, it is quite tricky to get clear pictures of them through the light box, so these will have to do! The client had always wanted a horde of terminators to explode out of tanks, and now he has them.
I am particularly pleased with the biologus and how his jars stand out against his grimy gear. They all look good together I think, and know they’ll spread disease and despair wherever they go!

40K · horus heresy

Raven Guard Drop Pods.

As most of you know by now, I love working on vehicles. I’ve painted a large number of tanks, the odd plane and others besides. However one thing I have not worked on before is Drop Pods, so when I was asked to paint these pair, I was more than happy to give them a go. Here are the results of my attempt:

They are the same scheme as the other Raven Guard I have painted recently, with the green accents. I was super pleased with how they turned out. I did the battle damage in the same way I do it on tanks, and it worked as well.

The inside was tricky as the pod was already put together. Having the airbrush helped get the base coats down in there. Delicate brush work did the rest. I think if I were to paint my own, I’d leave it in sub assembly in order to get in there properly. I am pleased with the result though, and I am proud of how they turned out.

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October 2022

It has been a hectic six weeks since my last update here. At the end of September was Humanity Ascendant, which was as fun as it always it. Running around shooting one another with laser guns and generally messing about it always fun. It’s great to catch up with friends, old and new, while out in the fresh air. I am certainly looking forward to the next event in April.

I turned 40 at the start of October, which was as much a surprise to me than anyone else. It involved a lovely trip to the seaside, playing games with friends and all the usual birthday things that happen. I also made a bucketlist of things I want to try and achieve now that I am 40. A few of the things on that list include:

  • Own a Land Rover Defender
  • Climb a Mountain
  • Go Rock climbing
  • Own a dog
  • Shoot real guns
  • Go White Water rafting
  • Play in a Wargames Tournament
  • Drive a tank.

All fun things that are achievable with a bit of planning!

Miniatures wise, I have been busy! I did not enter Golden Demon in the end, but have continued to work on the Reaver Titan. I have also painted some Thousand Sons of my own, as well as a few bits for other people. I’ll put some pictures here but there will be future posts about how I got on in the near future,


Sisters of Battle Part 2

Here are some more Sisters of Battle that I have worked on recently. Although still not a huge fan of the range, I have quite enjoyed painting these ones. The black, red and gold is effective, and I am pleased with how they have turned out.

As these are for an army, I have stuck to the same Astrogranite base with simple tufts.

Here they are in all the Emperor’s Glory:

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Sisters of Silence

Painted to go with the custodian, these miniatures were loads of fun to work on. I enjoyed doing the gold on the custodian, and getting to do so again on these was great. I also painted the jewels blue on these to match him, and the bases are also done in the same astrogranite grey texture paint with similar little tufts added for effect.

I went for a more magenta on the cloak rather than red, so they do look a bit different from the custodians as well.

All in all, I am very pleased with how they have turned out.

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Sisters of Battle

Part of a commission for Andy at Simply Warhammer, was these Sisters of Battle Paragon suits.

I am not really a fan on the range personally, but I do like the black, red and gold aesthetic. These were done to a Tier 1 level, and I surprised myself with how much I actually liked painting these.

They were not too taxing to build either, which was nice. I tried to keep the bases pretty simple by only adding a bit of static grass to some texture paint. I went for grey as it is neutral against the vibrant red.

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Rusty Robots

These are for Necromunda, which the gang have been playing recently. I grabbed a hold of these to practice what the rusty metal looks like on a miniature rather than scenery. These were a good excuse to refine the technique and I think they turned out really well.

I did not put the oxide onto these miniatures, as I felt that they did not need the extra emphasis. They looked good as they were, and their owner agreed!

Here they are in all their rusty glory:

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Death Guard Biologus.

This guy was a prize for a recent give away from Simply Warhammer. The winner of this character give away picked the Biologus. He was a delight to paint. I loved the contrast between traditional Death Guard grunge and brightly coloured jars. The puddles on the base made a difference, and I think that adding flowers just make the colours stand out all the more.

All in all, I am super pleased with how he had turned out and I know the winner is too. I hope to paint more Death Guard in the future – they’re just loads of fun!

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