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Hello readers!

Welcome back.

Since being back at work, I have had much less time to write and paint, which is a shame.

What are weekends made for?

This weekend saw me down at Stronghold Games – the local gaming store – set up for more than a few hours painting. I was only too pleased to get there and get on.

What I wanted to mention today was the joy of paint thinner. I know I have mentioned it in the past as something I rarely do but that has now changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Citadel paints and the range of colours there are but sometimes, they’re just a bit too thick. I have been highlighting the armour of my marines in a much lighter shade than the base colour and found that as I was using a very small brush, the paint did not flow very well.

Enter the thinner pictured above. Mixing a small drop of this with the paint made it flow so much easier on the brush. It meant that it was easier to ad the highlights too.

I know I am not the best painter in the world but I do feel as though these models are really coming along nicely and the thinner has helped me to do so.

It is also very good at reviving paints that have gone hard. A problem with all acrylics, just mix in a few drops of this thinner and the paint will be useable once more. I am so pleased to be able to use tentacle pink once again! Hurrah!

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I’ve spent this morning painting Space Marines with the other half – he was building them. I wasn’t going to post anything about it as I haven’t done anything overly fancy, just kept going with the line troops, nothing too interesting, as fun as they are.

I noticed a couple of my brushes were getting a bit ragged so I turned to the newest addition to my tools of the trade – brush conditioner. I first used it in the games store the other week and ordered some instantly.

I hate it when the brushes split, in the past it meant that I would either stop using them or have to buy some more. Not so anymore. Now, I rub them with some water into this lovely lemony smelling stuff, which through some method of unknown science, cleans and conditions them. It reforms the bristles and makes the brushes almost new again. Gone are the split bristles and unusable brushes.

I did comment that the store have done themselves out of some sales however as I will no longer need to replace the brushes quite as often as I did before.

For all of you painters out there that do not know about this stuff, get some! It will save you money and frustration in the long run I swear!

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Seven Model Army…

I realise I have not posted anything new for a while so thought it was about time I did something. I have a story in the works which I shall be publishing on here in two parts over the next week but I wanted to show off the seven finished guys I have done while the weather was nice.

Photographing miniatures is perhaps  the worst part of the hobby. You can never seem to get decent images. I am limited to an iPad for a camera and natural lighting so when the sun came out today I decided it was time to do the best I could with what I have available. Here are the results:

Why do I have this?

I think the fella with the plasma gun looks  unsure as to why he has it in the first place. Perhaps that’s because he is leaning forward a little – whomever put these together (not me) did not take time to think about what they would look like finished and so some of them look a bit off.

I am pleased with how they look so far – they all need their company markings put on them and that will be done as soon as we manage to figure out who is going where. As they are, they’re not bad for a first attempt at painting a batch of Marines.

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The first of many

Highlights on the back.

 Last night, I decided to move my painting efforts from the house to Stronghold Games while the other half played in a Magic tournament. It’s good to get out and about and drink someone elses coffee after all.

It was also the day when I decided to have a go at painting the first of the Black Hands. As I have mentioned before, I had blue in mind for the colour scheme, it was just knowing which shade and where I was going to put it. It took me about half hour of looking at the model to know what I was going to do.

I started off with a dark blue base colour – Kantor Blue and then using the trusty Psycho Brush to highlight in Alaitoc Blue and then final light catches in Hoeth Blue. I am rather pleased with how it turned out and can only work at perfecting the technique now.

I know the images are rather small here but you can click on them to see larger versions. I also only have an iPad in which to take pictures so I do apologize for the rubbishy resolution. I can only do so much after all!

Either way, it feels good to finally get the first dude painted and looking halfway decent. Only 999 more of the chapter to go!

Groovy shoulder-pads!

Army Painter · figures · fine detail · fun · hobby · miniatures. · painting · psycho · space marines · Warhammer 40000 · Warhammer 40k

The Psycho

 I never knew there was a hole in my painting equipment until I was presented with this monstrosity a few weeks ago. Thank you Dave at Stronghold!

The name of this particular brush I find is apt as there are about three bristles of hair in it. It is for insanely minute details and has been designed for war game miniature painters particularly.

I am in love with this brush. it had allowed me to add extra highlights on the figures I have been working on and to do some small free hand work that I would have struggled with otherwise. I do love a bit of free hand work now and then just to test those boundaries and make the models look that little bit cooler.

I’ve added a couple of pictures of the guy I worked on today. He is not finished as he seems to be lacking arms but the part I want to share is the detail on the leg done using The Psycho!

Check out the psycho’s work