Adeptus Titanicus – A larger battle!

I actually managed to squeeze in a game of Titans this week! With friends! We did a team up game, myself with Phil, Dave with Wolfy – both of which have never played before. I cooked dinner while lists were sorted.

My team ended up with A Warmaster, A warlord, 2 Reavers, 3 Warhounds and a knight set of 3

Fave’s team has 4 warlords, A warbringer and 3 Warhounds.

The set up looked like this:

Turn one was mostly moving Titans around into position. Turn two was firing and getting things damaged!

Turn two saw several engine kills. We lost a Warhound and the reavers took significant damage. Dave’s team had his blue warlord mullered and one of his Warhounds take a beating.

Turn three has our reavers blow up, but we took out the warlord. One of my Warhounds blew itself up (whoops) and another destroyed by a Warlord.

Turn four saw the Warmaster Titan punched in the face and thus ending the game – it was getting late, we were full of food.

Things to remember: Warlords should be deployed in the middle. Don’t get shot in the back.

I had fun! Mortis might have got beat today, but I still enjoyed playing and got to use the Warmaster for the first time! Good fun all round.


The Week in Pictures – 2

It’s been a busy week, as always. I started college to do an introduction to counselling course, which was interesting. It’s based in Doncaster and although I won’t be sharing much of the course content here, I did manage to snap these pictures of the minster, which I walked by!

I am still working through the remainder of the Daughter of Khaine miniature wise. I am enjoying them, but they are spindly so I have to be extra careful when I am doing heavier techniques.

This weekend, we managed to slot in a game of Titanicus which was fun. I’ll do a proper post about that in a day or so though!

The week ahead involves finishing the daughters of Khaine, going to Devon and possibly Ahriman – we shall see what gets done!


Warboot – Element Games, Jan 2022.

I love Warboots! They have always been a good way of selling old miniatures, picking up bargains and meeting up with people I rarely see as well as meeting new ones.

Sunday marked the first Warboot for two years, and it was awesome. We managed to clear off a lot of miniatures that have been floating about for yonks, as well as pick up some new fun for a decent price.

I shall start with the Titans!

Titanicus is the only game I play on a (semi) regular basis and when this lot came up for a very good price, we had to take them home! More to work on of course but it’s Titans, so who cares. Points for the correct guess as always!

I also picked up a complete set of The Burning of Prospero. Some minis we shall be keeping, some we shall be selling on!

Question is, do I keep the Ahriman… I do need another…?

Finally, I picked up a couple of projects for my Blood Angels! A librarian dreadnought and a converted sanguinary priest who I plan to turn into Corbulo. There is a mini for him but he is finecast and quite frankly, NO!

Both shall need a bath in the bio strip!

It was a great day catching up with friends and talking to people, if somewhat exhausting!


The Week in Pictures!

It feels like this week has been a whirlwind! Multiple vet visits, the dentist for the first time in years and Foundry work feels like it has kept me away from painting a great deal.

I have been working through a Daughter’s of Khaine commission when not doing other chores however and I feel they are coming on nicely.

Most of those pictures are still works in progress. I do like the miniatures but they are very spindly which has been a challenge.

Thankfully, we are both now on the mend from Covid, which means the Foundry miniatures that have been ordered are mostly caught up. Numerous trips to the post office have occurred but it feels good to mostly clear the backlog.

The vet trips were all successful. The two kittens are now spayed so no more yowling for boys at 3am! Big bud Roscoe’s eye has also mostly healed. We need to continue with his drops for another couple of weeks and the ulcer should be gone.

The dentist was as pleasant an experience as I could expect, but I need 4 fillings… less fun.

Next week I start college on Tuesday mornings doing an Introduction to Counselling course. I am back at the dentist too but I hope to get the Daughters of Khaine finished and get some work on Primaris Dante done! I am going to be busy!


A New Year?

What happened to the old one? It flew by so quickly I am not even sure how. So, let’s review!

I moved house from a tiny city terrace to a converted pub/school/project and it was awesome. I started to walk outside more and feel better in my general outlook. I lost two cats, one to cancer, one to the road. I gained three cats. One old, two young. I painted a lot of miniatures. I even sold some of them. I took commissions from both old clients and new. Let’s have a look at some of the work I did!

I have come to the conclusion that I paint a lot of tanks.

Of course, the last month of the year was coloured by Covid, which I am still recovering from if I am going to be honest. But let’s leave that nastiness in the past and set some goals for the future.

In 2022, I want to:

  • Learn more greenstuff skills
  • Refine my Non-Metallic Metals further
  • Learn more funky airbrush stuff.
  • Promote Forster’s Foundry further
  • Finish one of the 28mm scale Titans
  • Paint more tanks.

I know there will be more things to work on this year, I have altered my schedule to fit in a ‘skills day’ where I work on my own miniatures and practice what I want to improve in. I just hope that I am able to stick to it!


B&M Noise Marine!

Some of you unfortunate souls might remember that one paint a thon, I painted a space marine in the colour of Home Bargains. A request from my brother in law as a joke. As a reminder, here he is:

When my sister asked if I would paint a noise marine in the rival colours for B&M Bargains, I was only too happy to do so.

This guy was loads of fun. The limited colours made him a bit of a challenge, but I am pleased with how he turns out. I just hope my brother in law likes him too and he causes a few laughs!


Orks! Orks everywhere!

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have been painting a lot of orks lately. I have now finished them and they are awaiting posting out to their owner. I have thoroughly enjoyed painting them. Orks are always a lot of fun and these have been no exception to that.

Ghazghkull arrived with a bit of paint on him already, which is why he has blue rather than black armour. I wanted to carry this theme through with the rest if the miniatures, and used dark blue with touches of red on the rest of the miniatures to tie them all together.

Here they are, in all their orky glory:

These guys were a lot of fun to work on. The new sculpts are lovely and the kill rig makes me think I want some of my own to work on. If I had the time, I would consider it



I have been super busy working on an Ork force, but have found some time to slot in a couple of Flumph’s for a friend. Not the marshmallow sweet kind, but the Dungeons and Dragon’s monster kind.

They were a fun break from the green skins, which are now thankfully, nearly finished. I love their bright colour and cute feel and that was something I wanted to capture in the paint scheme I had for them. I feel I was able to do this!

Apparently, the creature’s tendrils change colour with mood, so I wanted to do them both differently. What fun miniatures they are!

Miniatures made by Whizzkids.


Legio Astorum Warhounds.

When I asked my husband what he wanted for Christmas this year, his response was painted Titans. This is something I can do! With gusto! I love Titans.

Some of them were half painted by him already, so it’s a case of finishing them off and making them look groovy. I started with the two Warhounds and have them done to a reasonable level already.

Here they are:

They are not perfect, but I am looking forward to blowing them up in the near future.


Shadows of Brimstone: Dragon

I started this guy off ages ago and knew that I should get him finished soon. He is a great mini for the Shadows of Brimstone board game and was loads of fun to paint too.

He is rather big though, and I think the size of him was what made him take so long to finish. I do like painting large minis but they are a bit intimidating at times.

Here he is:

He is a bit too big for my light box, so some of the pics are of closeups! I’m pleased with the end result and glad to have him finished!