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Gravus Nurion – Chapter Master

 When the other half brought home a load of models the other day, I have to confess I was a little bit on the exited side. Alright so this is a little bit sad too but I can live with that.

We laid out all the Space Marines and took stock of what was there. There were enough there to complete several squads, which is great, There were also several terminators, some veterans and this guy pictures on the left.

The figures were already undercoated blue so it did not take all that long to touch them up and make them look as though they had always been with the others. We decided that this model would make a good Chapter Master and so here he is in all his bright blue glory.

The part I am most pleased with is the line of blue on the cloak. It’s not painted free hand, I am not steady enough for that I don’t think but is raised up. The psycho was employed and I managed to highlight it too – something I have never really thought of doing before.

I have also managed to free hand paint the Chapter symbol on the left shoulder-pad and write his name under it. Again, something I was unsure about doing but seems to have worked out rather well.

Now, because Gravus Nurion is a little bit on the important side, I spent a bit of time asking questions. I’ve shared one of the answers below:

How did you become Chapter Master?

·         When the former Chapter Master was killed, it was decreed that I should take his place. I’m not going to start this off with an ‘it was a dark and stormy night’ if that is what you are expecting. Alvar was well known for his cavalier attitude when it came to a fight and it was this that finally caught up with him.
Hand print and name!
“I remember them bringing back what was left of him, not much more than pulp, certainly nothing recognisable. After they recovered his gene-seed, which was a miracle in itself, he was laid out. His work for the Emperor had ended, leaving us behind to pick up the pieces and move forward. The atmosphere within the Chapter was solemn for a long while, his were large boots to fill and he had been Chapter Master for a long time and was well liked.
“It was about two hundred and fifty years ago that Alvar was killed. I had been First captain for about fifty or so. I was voted in by the other captains unanimously, a point of which I am most proud.”

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The first of many

Highlights on the back.

 Last night, I decided to move my painting efforts from the house to Stronghold Games while the other half played in a Magic tournament. It’s good to get out and about and drink someone elses coffee after all.

It was also the day when I decided to have a go at painting the first of the Black Hands. As I have mentioned before, I had blue in mind for the colour scheme, it was just knowing which shade and where I was going to put it. It took me about half hour of looking at the model to know what I was going to do.

I started off with a dark blue base colour – Kantor Blue and then using the trusty Psycho Brush to highlight in Alaitoc Blue and then final light catches in Hoeth Blue. I am rather pleased with how it turned out and can only work at perfecting the technique now.

I know the images are rather small here but you can click on them to see larger versions. I also only have an iPad in which to take pictures so I do apologize for the rubbishy resolution. I can only do so much after all!

Either way, it feels good to finally get the first dude painted and looking halfway decent. Only 999 more of the chapter to go!

Groovy shoulder-pads!

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The Psycho

 I never knew there was a hole in my painting equipment until I was presented with this monstrosity a few weeks ago. Thank you Dave at Stronghold!

The name of this particular brush I find is apt as there are about three bristles of hair in it. It is for insanely minute details and has been designed for war game miniature painters particularly.

I am in love with this brush. it had allowed me to add extra highlights on the figures I have been working on and to do some small free hand work that I would have struggled with otherwise. I do love a bit of free hand work now and then just to test those boundaries and make the models look that little bit cooler.

I’ve added a couple of pictures of the guy I worked on today. He is not finished as he seems to be lacking arms but the part I want to share is the detail on the leg done using The Psycho!

Check out the psycho’s work