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Ahriman – 10

As most of you know, I have an Ahriman problem. I love painting this miniature in any of his forms, so when a friend of mine lamented the fact that she didn’t have one, I jumped at the opportunity.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Ahriman without a cloak of stars, so I asked her to pick a galaxy she wanted me to attempt and I went with that. I love painting galaxies, I think they are simple to do and effective as well. I finished him today, and after confirmation that the friend loved it, I share him with you:


Items for sale:


Most of the miniatures I have painted lately are up for sale here, including Eisenhorn and Slambo. I am also open to reasonable offers.

As always, commissions are open, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Hobby Update

Had a bit of a manic weekend with friends over and gaming. Aside from a little bit of Night Lord and some playing around with the Headnought, not a lot went on. So, today I picked up what I had left last week and ‘cracked on.’

I have finished Skragrott the Lune King this morning:

He is now listed on ebay, along with the Dryads I painted last week, if you’re interested, here is the link:


I also bought a 30K Ahriman today, as he was a good deal and I do so love painting that miniature. If you are interested in buying this Ahriman and discussing what you want him to look like, please get in touch.

I bought a Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Titan at the weekend as well, this shall be practice for the big Reaver that is still in the box – I am beginning to feel that it is time to break it out and get moving on that monster project.

Last point. I have just bought a place on the Seige Studios Master Class Painting Course at Element Games in August. This is a terrifying and exciting thing as I will be going on my own. I will be away from home all weekend learning how to paint. On one hand, this is terrifying, on the other, I will learn a huge amount when there. Amazing!

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Diorama Update – The Night Lord

Seeing as today everyone had either gone back to work, or gone home, I had the time to work on the miniatures for the diorama. The Night Lord’s head had been dropped off and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get him all finished off.

The first decision I made was about his bat wings. I decided to go with red rather than black as I wanted them to stand out. This was the right choice, as you will see below. When it was all done and I was mostly happy with him. I put him together and he looked like this:

Now, I was very pleased with this result, so I couldn’t resist seeing roughly what he would look like when on his opponent. Once again, I was exceptionally pleased with how it is going to look.

Look at him! Jumping on a Brood Lord, about to stab him in the brains. There is still a few things I plan to tweak here and there. I might try and get it so the claws are already in the Brood Lord’s head, but we shall see.

Now all he needs is a name and a reason to be in the Warband…

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Branching Out

I love Space Marines. I love painting them, I love reading about them, I love writing about them. I even love playing with them. Of course I have favourites but I love them all really. There is no real secret around that.

I have learned however, that not everyone else loves Space Marines in the same way I do. It is a shame but we cannot all be the same, that would be boring.

I was chatting to my sister the other night about commissions and how it is going when I said that I felt that although what I have painted and displayed on this blog is decent, it is all very much of the Space Marine flavour and that I felt I should do some other miniatures to prove that I can paint other things. She readily agreed with me.

So, this morning, she allowed me to raid her and her husband’s bits box for anything that I feel might be useful. This is what I found:

There is only one Space Marine in this bunch of miniatures! Only one! There are also a couple of Warmachine dudes as well, so they should be interesting. Some of these are old, some are new. Some need repairing, some are in excellent condition. They were all just sitting in the garage doing nothing too. This should keep me busy for some time and will offer a little more diversity for the examples page. Watch this space for sure.

In the meantime, if you do want to commission me for anything, feel free to get in touch. I promise I do not bite.


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We’ve come a long way…

It has been a while since I posted anything here. For shame! Not for lack of time or content, just because I got busy drawing stick men, painting miniatures and playing 40K that I neglected this place for a while.

I have not stopped painting, I have not stopped creating content either, I just fell off the wagon a bit. I returned to working as a full time teacher and that has had an impact on everything I do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the job but it is sapping all my time and I am finding less and less time to enjoy everything else. This has to change. I want to be more than a teacher.

I am thinking of seriously picking up commission painting. I have improved so much in the last year that I feel this is now something I would be capable of doing. I would drop my hours to maybe 3 days a week and spend the others painting. If it doesn’t work out, so be it… but what if it does? I want to see the year I am in at school out – that would be fair on the kids in the class but after that; well, we shall see.

If this is to happen, this is what I need to do:

  1. Learn to airbrush.
  2. Overhaul this space so I can use it to showcase mini’s.
  3. Advertise.
  4. Get some amazing pictures done.
  5. Keep practicing,
  6. Figure out price tiers.
  7. Research and see if this is something people want from me.

I have time to work this out. It is not going to be an immediate change. In the meantime, have a look at some of the things I have painted over the past while. This is not an inclusive list, but ones I am pleased with thus far.

By the way, there  is a whole new version of Ahriman being painted up at the moment and he will get a post all to himself when he is done.

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The Cloak of Stars, a 50p Heretic and The Second Company.

I’ve been a bit busy getting married these past few weeks and as such have not had a great deal of hobby time to get either writing or painting. The wedding was wonderful and the honeymoon a big pile of fun too. However, after recovering for a day, we did manage to get some hobby in to make up for it. While away, I was browsing Pinterest and saw an awesome effect on a cloak of a miniature and decided that I wanted to try and recreate it myself. Here are the results:

The effect of painting a galaxy on a cloak was a tricky one that involved creating a base of the swirling colours and then painting an awful lot of little dots over the top finishing off with some white ones. The colour of dots depended on which part of the cloak I was painting but I think it worked out well over all. I think I will be trying this technique again on psyker/librarian characters too. It’s just a shame that this heretic – Ahriman – will likely never see much play time.

The other model I have been painting was found at the Warboot at Element Games a few weeks ago (with a huge hangover no less) and was picked up with a friend who is some sort of demented chaos apothecary with Fabius Bile’s pack back. The Thousand Son miniature was already undercoated and having just finished the novel, I decided to paint him up all nice. He is a fine-cast miniature but let’s not hold that against him, he looks alright and I am sure he and Ahriman will be running off with all the cookies in the cabinet in some sort of heretic shenanigans.

Look at them both – planning on raiding the Ultramarine Cookie Jar already!

Another I wanted to mention was sorting out the marines I had into squads. It was a job I have put off for a while but I finally got the time to sit down and get it done. I knew I had a lot of models and that they needed to be sorted – more so I know who belongs where and who gets what markings. Turns out I have enough for seven squads of a battle company and some Terminators, Dreadnoughts and Bikes (not assembled yet) for support. I also have other models that are not yet put together which will form the majority of the command unit too. Here they are, the Black Hands Second Company in all their ‘organised’ glory.

And finally,  I have to mention one of the awesome gifts my husband and I received as a wedding present. We were given a lot of gifts and are exceptionally grateful for all of them. I feel this one needs a special blog mention though:

The Emperor’s Palace on Holy Terra – Now on our living room wall in all its glory.
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Round 2: Fight!

After spending some time and effort painting three – nearly four – of my new Primaris up to some form of nice standard, I thought it was about time I played my second ever game of 40K.

As I am still learning everything, and there seems to be a lot to learn, we decided to just use what came in the new box to keep things simple. I will learn all about lists and points at some point in the future – right now I am learning who does what well and who just sucks.

Instead of having my Interceptors drop from space in turn two, this time I started with them on the board. They killed a lot of the zombies quickly, which helped in the early stages of the game. It went a bit wrong for them when they got charged by the Lord of Contagion and he killed them all…

Once again, the Bloat Drone got into melee with the Hellblasters and kept them occupied for the entire fight. I have learned that they don’t do so well in melee; next time, they’re going to blast things from afar and stay out of the way a bit more.

I have to give a special mention to the Intercessor Sargent, who managed to fend off both the Noxious Blightbringer (The bell dude!) and the Lord of Contagion for two whole rounds before being turned into a smear on the floor.

Needless to say, Chaos were once again victorious, though I feel it was a lot closer this time than last time. I had a lot of fun and look forward to round three, where I am going to flush the Bloat Drone down the toilet! I also look forward to being able to put the Black Hands with the Primaris and seeing what happens then!

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Battle Report: New 40K Demonstration!

So, today was the pre-release for 8th Edition 40K and we decided that it was a good enough time to go out and give it a try out. I have never played a game of 40K in my life and can count on one hand the amount of miniature games I have played in the past. It was something I was a touch nervous about, I’m not big on people watching what I am doing and we played in a store. At first, I was rather out of my comfort zone. Then I reminded myself that not many people have played this game before either as it was new rules and I relaxed.

Then I started to have actual fun.

A lot of the models in the few shots that I did manage to take were proxies, the store, which is always very busy, not yet had the time to put everything together. This happened as we played and by the end of the game nearly all the correct models were in play.

Not knowing a thing about what I was doing wasn’t a problem as I had friends about to lend a hand. I know I have a lot to learn when it comes to playing this game and it seems like at the moment there are a lot of rules to learn, however by the end of the game, I think I got the hang of it. I rolled a lot of dice and tried to stomp on the Chaos Spawn on the other side of the board.

Gradually, the two sides got closer together and  several pitched battles ensued. I quickly learned to ignore the plague zombies as they didn’t do a great deal and focus on the nastier models. One of the lieutenants survived surrounded by them and the  psyker for some time before finally succumbing to a disastrous end.

The guy with the bell on his back did far too much damage than was reasonable but he was eventually dispatched by the Captain, who was pretty hard – turns out powerfists are mean! I also want to give a special mention to the Inceptor squad, who fell from space just to blast things for me – they did a fine job of it too.

I liked the mechanic in the game where the leaders had auras (a bit like Paladin Auras in World of Warcraft) which meant I got to re-roll on ones. I know this report is a bit informal, it is built of first impressions and enthusiasm. I am sure that the more I play, the better I will get at learning the tactics and the proper names for things. Right now I am reveling in the fact that I enjoyed something I never thought I would. Yes, we have the game on pre-order and I am looking forward to being able to field some of the dudes I have painted up – that is all to come!



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Team Mental

I’m not entirely sure what I am going to do with these guys. A lot of what I am painting has been bought second hand so I have had no real control over what they look like. I have no idea what his intentions were with these Marines I am currently painting. They see, to be a mishmash of different parts.

I think I will end up using them as veterans but I keep referring to them as Team Mental. No one wants to be on Team Mental, they’re all crazy…

They are fun to paint however and I will continue to keep at them, they’re not looking too shabby in my humble opinion.

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Hello readers!

Welcome back.

Since being back at work, I have had much less time to write and paint, which is a shame.

What are weekends made for?

This weekend saw me down at Stronghold Games – the local gaming store – set up for more than a few hours painting. I was only too pleased to get there and get on.

What I wanted to mention today was the joy of paint thinner. I know I have mentioned it in the past as something I rarely do but that has now changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Citadel paints and the range of colours there are but sometimes, they’re just a bit too thick. I have been highlighting the armour of my marines in a much lighter shade than the base colour and found that as I was using a very small brush, the paint did not flow very well.

Enter the thinner pictured above. Mixing a small drop of this with the paint made it flow so much easier on the brush. It meant that it was easier to ad the highlights too.

I know I am not the best painter in the world but I do feel as though these models are really coming along nicely and the thinner has helped me to do so.

It is also very good at reviving paints that have gone hard. A problem with all acrylics, just mix in a few drops of this thinner and the paint will be useable once more. I am so pleased to be able to use tentacle pink once again! Hurrah!