Memory Lane

Today, while gathering bits together for the war boot, I stumbled across some old, interesting miniatures. The first ones I ever bought and painted. I was fifteen when I first started painting, 22 years ago. Older than a friend of mine, much to my amusement.

Of course there have been breaks in between then and now, and my skills have drastically improved. There are a few other non-GW minis that I bought from Virgin Megastores when they still did that type of thing.

I was a bit of a goth then so I was all about undead nasties. GW made plastic skeletons, it was a match made in heaven.

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Hobby Update!

I have been out of teaching for a few weeks now and after the initial amazement of having visitors and catching up with my sleep, I have begun to turn my thoughts to what I am going to do next.

It’s not an easy thing, my focus was teaching for at least seven years and had always floated in the back of my mind. I’ve been in some sort of limbo, which has been strange. Fortunately, I have the support and encouragement of good friends around me who have helped keep my head clear.

What I truly want to do, is commission paint miniatures. I have a few avenues to explore to make this happen and I am in the process of doing so. One of them is streaming on Twitch. I plan to make this happen a few times a week after the success of the Paint-a-thon. Other plans will be announced when there are more solid details to announce.

If you are interested in commmissioning me, here is the link. Feel free to get in touch.


Other hobby news:

The diorama is not going to get finished in time, to the standard I want it to be done, before Golden Demon on Sunday. I have decided to keep working on it but it won’t be entered this time around. I will not be participating this time, however I will enter it into the next contest, should I be able to do so.

And so, my next major task is Sevatar. I have great plans for him, great ones indeed. No spoilers, this contest is all hush. I don’t want to give away any advantage after all – this is a high pressure contest.

I have a warp smith to paint for someone who won it a month or so ago.

I have also been asked to paint the Master of Possession in the Black Legion colours.

There is no shortage of tasks to keep me going, I just hope that everything I want works out. It won’t be for lack of trying, that much is certain.


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The 2019 Charity Paint-a-thon

Some of you may well remember when I did this a couple of years ago to raise money for Leukemia.  I painted for 12 hours non-stop in order to raise money to support a friend whose father had Leukemia.

This time, my sister Jenn and I are doing the same thing, but for friends who have been diagnosed with cancer.

I have a stock pile of miniatures we are going to paint for the day. At the end of the day, we plan to auction them off to the highest bidder. All money will go to a local charity which helps those with cancer and limiting illnesses.

We aim to raise at least £500.

I don’t ahve any pictures of the miniatures from the last paint-a-thon, however you all know what I am capable of. I’ve put a few examples here anyway because what’s a blog post without pictures?

This is for an exceptionally good cause. During the day, we will be streaming and doing shout outs as we work through those twelve hours.

Here is the link to the page we are using to collect the money. Please share this, check out the link and help up do as much as we can.



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Diorama Update – The Brood Lord

I have painted something that is not a Space Marine, this is a bit of a novelty and something rather different than the usual power armour. However, seeing as the diorama had beings other than Space Marines on it, I knew there would come a time where I had to get on and just paint.

I had a conversation with some friends a while ago about the colour scheme for the Tyranids I was going to paint. A few ideas were thrown around until I settled on Hive Fleet Behemoth. I wanted something to contrast the black and gold of the Black Legion and bright red and tuquoise seemed like the perfect hues to go for. I started with the Brood Lord because I really wanted to see what it was going to look like with the Night Lord jumping on his back. Here are the results:

I changed my usual technique for him as well as I wanted the Brood Lord to look more organic than the crisp lines of power armour. The red particularly involved a lot of drybrushing and layering up the colours. The spines were wet blended using a varying degree of turquoise. I am very pleased with how he turned out.

And for the curious among us, here is a rough mock-up of this section of the diorama:


Both need touch ups and adjustments, but that can happen when I come to glue them together properly and place them.

Next job: Hormagaunts.

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The Sorcerer

As I mentioned in my last post, I have also finished the Black Legion Sorcerer for the diorama. I painted him straight after the Noise Marine but I wanted him to have a post all to himself. I am not so sure that his highlights are as sharp, and I do know I will alter a few bits here and there as I go along. Well, here he is in all his shiny, malicious glory.

I want to add some light to his hand to that it looks like he is summoning up some warp power to blast away a tyranid.

I am also pleased with his mis-matched armour. I was concerned at first that it would look silly, however now I look at him, I think it fits. His armour would be mismatched, his original set was probably destroyed so he stole them off some poor dead space marine on some long forgotten battle ground.

Other things I have also done include plaster the foam base and undercoat the tyranids – the Brood Lord and the Hormagaunts. As I am away for a couple of days, the next update will be after the bank holiday!

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The Noise Marine

Today was a resounding success in terms of painting miniatures for the diorama. I set out to get at least one of them finished and I managed two! How novel. This post is about the Noise Marine, who looks rather stunning in black and gold. Here he is, mostly finished and awating the Land Raider to be finished so he can perch on the top and rock out.

He is not perfect but final touch ups will be done when the diorama is more assembled. One friend of mine pointed out that he looked a little like he was dressed for a bondage gig. On hearing this, another insisted that the safe word was ‘Warmaster.’

One thing is certain, I am very pleased with how this mini has turned out. I think the highlights are particularly sharp.

I also finished the sorcerer, but I’ll post about him tomorrow.

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Diorama Update

Now that the finishing work hype has worn off, I have had some time to get into the painting room and get on with some of the diorama. Time is certainly ticking and I know I have a long, long way to go before it will be even remotely ready.

I wanted to share where I am up to so far however. I have started to work on the Black Legion marines first of all. I started with the Night Lord body and claws, as he was the most together and you have to start somewhere.

He also now has a head, which is the last part of him that needs finishing off.

I have also made a start on the Noise Marine. I am very pleased with how he has gone so far. I tried out some neon paint that I had picked up to add some flair to his helmet. Just because he is in the Black Legion, doesn’t mean that he cannot have a wicked plume of hair. Now, the texture of the paint itself was sticky and not the easiest to work with, and the effect is not quite as vibrant as I wanted, I still like what it looks like.

There is still work to do on these miniatures, and a lot of the others too, but I wanted to post an update with how it was going so far. A friend of mine indicated that he looks a little like he should be in a BDSM film, however as a followr of Slaanesh, I think this works well.

Just a few miniatures to go…

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Drawings – 4

I finished the drawings of my friends from tumblr today and managed to put all the pictures together. I am very pleased with how they all look and it’s fun seeing us all together on the same page. The images took a while to line up and finish off but I think they look rather fine. It was a fun project and proved that I can use my graphics tablet for good, as well as drawing stupid stick men comics.


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Hobby Heroes

I changed the name of the weekly feature to Hobby Heroes as I thought this was more fitting. You are all my hero and keep me inspired, if I can pass that on to others, then so much the better. This week’s Hero is Bees:

Tell us a bit about yourself. You don’t have to include your actual name and location, but a rough area would be amazing.

I’m Jennie, often known as Bees. By day I am a mild mannered software engineer, but at night I terrorise the Imperium of Man with my army of grotesquely decaying super soldiers.
I live in the UK, near Cambridge, with my partner, my dog Fox, my chinchillas Chong, Big Boss and Snake, my turtles, Leonardo and Raphael and my python Fulgrim. I can mostly be found painting little plastic men, or reading about them.

How did you get into the hobby?

My partner wanted to share his love of the hobby with me and wanted someone to play with. About 16 years ago he told me the story of the Horus Heresy and I fell in love with the universe. I started off playing Necrons and my first game was in my university house. We borrowed another table from next door and played in the kitchen. I can’t remember what the scenery was, but one of the guys I played with used a loaf of bread as a Landraider and a tin of beans as a Drop Pod. If that’s not enough to get you hooked, I don’t know what is.

What is your favourite aspect of the hobby and why?

I love kitbashing and building models just a little bit more than I love painting. I love having a vision in my head of what I want to make and seeing it come to life. And also when you root through your bits box and find something amazing and you hold it up to the model and it just works perfectly.
But really the hobby is so wonderful because it has so many aspects and they’re all supported so well. Seeing an army you have created out on the tabletop and playing with them. Creating scenarios based around the lore you’ve read. Having fun with your friends and making new ones. It’s like a big cauldron that’s made better by every ingredient you add, and can always be improved by adding a nurgling.

Which is the best faction, in your opinion?

Death Guard.
I love the way they play, I love the new models, I love painting them and I love their lore.

Has the hobby helped you develop as an individual? How has it done so?

 It’s been a great creative outlet and helped me make some amazing friends. I’ve really started to push myself in terms of painting lately and it’s been a real boost to my self confidence to see how much progress I’ve made.

Have you any pictures you can share? This can be miniatures, of playing, artwork or anything else that is relevant.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle (Farty McFly): https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsd2PHIhjxA/
This is mostly Death Guard…

What, in your opinion, is the greatest strength of the hobby at the moment?

The rules. Both 40k and Age of Sigmar, the two wargames I play the most, have absolutely fantastic rules at the moment. But then all the new kits are fantastic too… And Kill Team… and the community…

What would you like to see in the future?

More primarchs on the tabletop. And more Death Guard Black Library books.
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Wicked Wednesday – 2

Due to parents evening, this one is a day late. I ask for your forgiveness for that. This week, I have interviewed a good friend whom I met on Tumblr lately. Here are her ideas around the hobby:

Tell us a bit about yourself. You don’t have to include your actual name and location, but a rough area would be amazing.

Well, I normally go by Fox online. My handle in most places online is Fox-N-Clocks (because Fox-N-Pocketwatches did not have the same ring to it.) I from Louisiana in the US.

How did you get into the hobby?

I first got into the hobby in 2012, when some friends of mine asked me to play the Fantasy Flight Game: Deathwatch, I picked up a few models to paint for roleplaying reasons. However, I didn’t -really- get into the hobby until early 2018 when my husband bought me my first army (Deathwatch), from there I just kind of dived in head first. Now I have several kill teams.
What is your favourite aspect of the hobby and why?

I have really been enjoying Killteam! I like the smaller scale battles. I also really enjoy painting and building my minis.

Which is the best faction, in your opinion? That is a hard one, I really love Deathwatch but I also really love Thousand Sons. It’s had for me to pick, both group’s lore is so good.

Has the hobby helped you develop as an individual? How has it done so?

It has, I have met a lot of really good friends though the hobby. It has also given me a creative outlet and has allowed me to go out and do something once a week or so. (Which in a small town is really nice.)

Have you any pictures you can share? This can be miniatures, of playing, artwork or anything else that is relevant.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest strength of the hobby at the moment?

I would like to think painting. I slowly see myself getting better and better with each mini I do.

What would you like to see in the future?

A continued growth in the community as a whole. The new models have been amazing. I would love to see more audio books for actual 40k books (not just Horus Heresy.) I love the lore and want to keep reading….ummm….listening.
Anything else you would like to say?

I would just like to thank Deb for letting me be apart of this! It’s really nice to get out there!