I am a full time commission painter based in Hull, in the UK. I am an independent painter, and handle all enquires and painting myself. As such, I know exactly what it is you are looking for and can work accurately to your specifications.

I am currently offering 4 tiers of painting, prices as follows:

Tournament Standard

Tier 1 – RRP

Tier 2 – RRP x 2

Tier 3 – RRP x 3

Tournament Standard – With the rise in popularity of tournament playing, I have added in this very basic paint standard. Tournament minimums are three colours and bases, so this is what this tier gets. Three colours and basing. Price will vary depending on how many miniatures need doing and what minatures they are. Cost for infantry/troops will be from £1 per model. Larger miniatures will cost more. If you want to try out the new ‘hot thing’, this is the scheme for you.

Tier 1 – Table Top – This is what we all see on a day to day basis while gaming. Details are painted in and there are single colour highlights. Bases are simple using texture paint or another single resource like grit or sand.

A box of tactical marines would cost £30 (GW RRP is £30)

Tier 2 – Table Top Plus – This is painting with a bit more flare. In this category, more detail is added, weathering and more highlights are also included. Bases include more than one resource, so texture paints and static grass, slate and other base materials can be used.

A box of tactical marines would cost £60, double RRP (GW RRP is £30)

Tier 3 – As good as I can. This is the top quality painting and will involve freehand work, design work and anything else that you could want to see.

A box of tactical marines would cost £90, three times RRP (GW RRP is £30)


Other info:

Postage – I ask you to cover all postage costs. Commissions will be sent out first class, tracked and signed for to prevent mishap in the post. I do not make money on postage, all charges cover packaging and postal costs.

Conversions – I will discuss these with people on an individual basis.

Ordering Miniatures – I am able to do this on your behalf, providing money to do so is paid on order for me to do so. If you want to order miniatures and have them sent to me directly, this is also possible.

Feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss what it is you are looking for.