Humanity Ascendant!

Humanity Ascendant (HASC) is a Live Action Role Playing Game set in a post-apocalyptic / science fiction world. It is set in the years 2517 onwards (the in-game date is exactly 500 years ahead of ours), and takes place in an apocalyptic world stalked by gangs, mutants and worse.

Players take on the role of survivors of the Apocalypse, assigned to rediscover the world around them for the sake of the Human Race.

Humanity Ascendant is a game I am currently involved in. It features laser tag guns, the apocalypse and a lot of things trying to kill you! This is a page for those interested in finding out mroe about the game by following the links!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to get involved, I can find out information or put you in touch with the right people!