The Next Adventure – Part 2

As explained in my last blog post on the subject, we went to look at a house in order to buy it. Since then, we have been to look at the place again. I have taken a few more pictures of the outside of the house, as we had a lot to think about once again:

As you can see, some of the render has cracked and the end of the house, which is in the undeveloped part has some exposed brickwork which is going to need some serious attention in the next few years.

We decided that we liked the house enough and could see ourselves living there regardless of the issues we have highlighted. So, we have put in an offer and that has been accepted! Everything is now with the various agents, legal people and surveyors. As the house is over 200 years old, we have opted to have a full survey done on the property to make sure there is nothing structurally wrong with it. The rest we can work on when we have moved in and are ready to.

Now starts the arduous task of organising everything for the move. Cats, miniatures and seven years of accumulated things… This is not going to be a quick task!


Fossil finding!

Time for something different! Today, we headed out of Hull to the ‘dinosaur coast’ to look for fossils. The weather was warm, the day clear and so off we went. Robin Hood’s bay is just south of Whitby and features some picturesque countryside and views. Car parking is at the top of the hill, and you have to walk down a considerably steep incline to get to the beach.

Walking along the firm sand was a lovely experience, and we searched for fossils. They can be found in the cliffs, which are made from a crumbly slate-like rock.

We walked for a good hour but we didn’t find any fossils. I did find egg rock, a flat rock and a rock with red in it though. They have been added to the rock collection in front of the fire place and I had a really good day. The walk back up the hill was less fun, but all in all, it was great fun.