Warhound: Part 2

We managed to find a bit of time to do some more work on the Warhound Titan today. The parts are already clean, so today was spent tidying up the bits, organising them into tubs and putting the feet together. It now has toes that are pinned and ready, cleaned up.

The casting gates are rather large on some parts of the miniature, so I had to break out a razor saw to get through them. I also spent most of the time cleaning mold lines and removing bits of flash. I had to be careful as some of the parts are very small, but I feel that progress has been made today.

Here are some pictures of what we got done:

One thing I learned today: Resin dust sticks to everything and leaves a wierd taste in your mouth. I did not purposefully eat any, fear not but the taste it there all the same!


Minecraft – St Basil’s Cathedral

As some of you know, I really enjoy playing Minecraft. I have spent a great many hours creating things in the game. I have tinkered with villages and created a city, explored vast planes, captured horses, created a zoo and built many structures. One day, when lacking inspiration, I turned to the internet for help. I found a website called grabcraft and spent a long time exploring and deciding what to build.

I settled on this:

This is St Basil’s cathedral in Moscow. A building I think is stunning and would love to see in real life. While we are not allowed out, building my own one will have to do.

It was 18,000 individual blocks and took more than a few hours to construct. Here is the finished result:

Turns out that Xbox sreenshots are rather dark. I shall try and get some brighter ones at some point.

Either way, I am pleased with the result and thoroughly enjoyed building this. I shall be looking for my next project very soon!

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Diorama: Phase 2

Read all about Phase 1 here:

Today I managed to get a bit of free time to begin building all the different aspects of the diorama for Golden Demon. The hardest part was knowing where to begin in all honesty. There are so many separate parts to this that I was wondering which bit to do first.

After some thought, I decided to start with the individual miniatures as they shouldn’t be too difficult. This meant that the Noise Marine, the Thousand Son and the Plague mMarine were the starting points of the day:

Here they are placed on the base in roughly the space they are going to occupy when the diorama is all done. I had to make a few changes here and there. The Thousand Son has significantly less cloak than I intended as he looked odd with them. The Noise Marine is also in sub assembly as he will be miles easier to paint while he is in bits.

The next step was the Brood Lord and the Night Lord. The Brood Lord wasn’t a problem as I just needed to get him built as per the instructions. I anticipated the Night Lord being a little more difficult (I think this is just what they do in general), however I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to build him without having to do too much in the way of bending:

He is currently held in place with a bit of tac, until I can get them on corks and undercoated that is. I am very pleased with he’s he turned out.

The last job of the day was building a few hormagaunts and placing the rippers in their rough places. Here is what I have so far. I still have the Trigon to build, I still have the entire tank to do – the one in the pictures is for reference. There are the electronics to consider, the Khorne Berserker to look at as well. It is one monster of a project I have chosen to do but it is proving to be a lot of fun!