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Charity Auction!

As many of you are aware, my sister and I painted for a 12 hour stretch in order to raise money for cancer suffers.

We are not keeping those miniatures as that would be self-serving. I am now going to auction off the miniatures via secret auction:


Message Heretic_deb on ANY social Media platform with a bid and the mini you wish to bid for.

I will keep hold of these until the end of the auction.

After the auction finishes, I will contact the winners and payment will be arranged. I will then post them out to you.

Auction finishes at 5pm Sunday 19th May.

No bid it too low.

It is for charity so please keep that in mind!


Lot 1 – Purple, grey and pink marine
Lot 2 – Bullseye Scout
Lot 3 – Storm cast in Imperial Fist colours
Lot 4 – Winged Stormcast
Lot 5 – Metal Sister of Battle
Lot 6 – Red Eldar
Lot 7 – Mounted Elf
Lot 8 – Flower Primaris
Lot 9 – Purple Storm cast
Lot 10 – Sea Elf
Lot 11 – Orks!!
Lot 12 – Sigmarite Banner Man
Lot 13 – Ork Rider
Lot 14 – THIS GUY!
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Paint-a-thon: Complete

Yesterday, Jenn and I sat and painted for 12 hours to raise money for cancer charities. It was a really fun day and we managed to paint our way through 18 miniatures. More importantly, we managed to raise £560, smashing out target through and through.

Here are the pictures of the day:

Highlights of the day include:

  • Home Bargains ‘liking’ the Home Bargains Marine on twitter
  • Jenn confessing the attraction of Blood Letter butts.
  • Hanging out on the twitch stream with some cool people.

As for the miniatures. They are going to be sold by secret auction in a few days time, the proceeds of which will go towards the final total of the event.

If you want to donate in the meantime however, here is the link:


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Paint-a-thon 2019!

Tomorrow! It’s tomorrow. Jenn and I paint for 12 hours without stopping to raise money for Cancer sufferers.

We have a range of minis and a lot of plans to get through them. It’s going to be an awesome day. We plan to stream it as well so there will be plenty of ways to get involved.

Here are some of the minis I did last time:

I have high hopes for tomorrow. It’s going to be fun and I certainly hope we raise money for a very worthy cause. Come and get involved with us.

Link to the Just Giving site:



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The 2019 Charity Paint-a-thon

Some of you may well remember when I did this a couple of years ago to raise money for Leukemia.  I painted for 12 hours non-stop in order to raise money to support a friend whose father had Leukemia.

This time, my sister Jenn and I are doing the same thing, but for friends who have been diagnosed with cancer.

I have a stock pile of miniatures we are going to paint for the day. At the end of the day, we plan to auction them off to the highest bidder. All money will go to a local charity which helps those with cancer and limiting illnesses.

We aim to raise at least £500.

I don’t ahve any pictures of the miniatures from the last paint-a-thon, however you all know what I am capable of. I’ve put a few examples here anyway because what’s a blog post without pictures?

This is for an exceptionally good cause. During the day, we will be streaming and doing shout outs as we work through those twelve hours.

Here is the link to the page we are using to collect the money. Please share this, check out the link and help up do as much as we can.