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Drawings – 4

I finished the drawings of my friends from tumblr today and managed to put all the pictures together. I am very pleased with how they all look and it’s fun seeing us all together on the same page. The images took a while to line up and finish off but I think they look rather fine. It was a fun project and proved that I can use my graphics tablet for good, as well as drawing stupid stick men comics.


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More Drawings

I am very much enjoying the drawings I am making for my friends over on Tumblr/Discord. Their characters, both canon and own, are interesting and fun. I have spent this afternoon working on a couple more.


This handsome fellow is Brel, a techmarine of the Blood Ravens. He is an interesting fellow, a little eccentric but a fantastic character to write with.


If you’re not sure who this is, then I might have to come and get you! I’m not sure who is more adorable; this murderer or Sevatar. The person who write Cypher is a most excellent individual and I have known them a long time now. (Long in internet terms, its a couple of years I think) They’ve been most excellent and their relationship with Cypher is always good to hear about.

There will be more drawings soon.