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Diorama Update – The Night Lord

Seeing as today everyone had either gone back to work, or gone home, I had the time to work on the miniatures for the diorama. The Night Lord’s head had been dropped off and I thought it would be a good opportunity to get him all finished off.

The first decision I made was about his bat wings. I decided to go with red rather than black as I wanted them to stand out. This was the right choice, as you will see below. When it was all done and I was mostly happy with him. I put him together and he looked like this:

Now, I was very pleased with this result, so I couldn’t resist seeing roughly what he would look like when on his opponent. Once again, I was exceptionally pleased with how it is going to look.

Look at him! Jumping on a Brood Lord, about to stab him in the brains. There is still a few things I plan to tweak here and there. I might try and get it so the claws are already in the Brood Lord’s head, but we shall see.

Now all he needs is a name and a reason to be in the Warband…

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Diorama: Phase 1.

An amazing thing happened this Wednesday. Due to illness, we were unable to meet up with the rest of the Warmongers from twitter at Warhammer World. It was disappointing but there is no need to spread germs needlessly so we stayed away. So, when a random envelope came through the door, I was rather confused. Contained within was a ticket to Warhammer Fest in May, some funds and a lovely card with Abaddon on the front wishing me good luck. The onion cutters arrived shortly after and I was exceptionally touched. Apparently, Warhammer Fest was not going to be the same without me…

The next thought went something along the lines of ‘I only have two months to sort out my Golden Demon entry.’

Work began this Saturday.

The first step was to create the base out of expanding foam. We placed a take away foil tub upside down and sprayed around it:

We then realised it took twelve hours to dry…

We had to make sure the foam was flat to the floor as well, else it would look silly on the base. We took a saw to the bottom to make sure it sat correctly.


When it was all foamed up and dry, I was able to cut into the shape I thought would be best. It looked quite different when I was done.

This is not the landraider I intend to use, this is an old one I picked up ages ago which I am just using to get the right idea.

The next step was gathering together all the bits I needed to create the miniatures. This took a lot longer than I thought it would but now, the only thing I am missing are some rippers. Everything else is set for phase 2.


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Diorama – Concept and ideas

The idea I’ve got for my next diorama is ambitious to say the least. I have never before attempted anything as large as this, or as detailed. If it works, then it might well be the coolest thing I have ever created. If not, well, the less said about that the better.

I am calling it the Ridiculous Six.

It will be based around five Space Marines who are having a few problems with some Tyranids. The idea has been floating around in my head for a long time now but I haven’t had the skill or guts to try and put it together. With how well Ahriman and the Ahrimen went down, I decided to give this a go and see how I get on.

Here are two of the concept sketches that will form the basis of the diorama itself:

R6 concept 1R6 concept 2

I am not the best drawer in the world but I am sure you get the idea. Fortunately, I have most of the bits I need in order to make this scene. The only things I need to pick up are the Night Lord who is stabbing the Brood Lord in the head and the rippers that the nurglings are going to be battling.

It is going to be an interesting project as the electronics are going to be slightly different as well. I want the Land Raider to have hazard lights and I want it to be spewing out smoke as well – as though the vehicle has crashed.

I need to figure out a colour scheme for the tyranids that’s going to stand out against the Black Legion Marines.

I thought Black Legion would be the best option because not only do I think they are awesome, but the Black and Gold will tie the warriors together rather than having them in their legion ones. I think that these are the ones that get sent in to do stupid jobs in the hope that they will never come back, yet they always do. I shall have to figure out their story as I am working on the diorama.


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