Artist Feature: Ella

It’s been a while since I featured someone else’s work on my blog, and when a friend asked me about it, I was only too glad to lend a hand. I have known Ella for a long while now, back in the distant past of twitter RP! We have kept in touch though, and she is now at the point where she is able to take commissions for artwork. Here are her details in her words, and some examples of her work too!

My name is Ella, I am a writer and self taught artist. I adore everything magical and that is what I tend to draw, DnD characters, characters from my own stories and others OCs. I love doing commissions that have a strong character premise where I can incorporate little pieces of their personality into the illustrations. I can be found on twitter primarily: , my ko-fi and on instagram


Fantastic Feature Friday!

This week, we’re going to hand over to Jenn, the TragicFangirl to show us some of her work and see what she has to say about it:

All the advice I could find about writing an artists statement seemed to suggest that I write complete and utter rubbish! Bloat my art with meanings that it doesn’t have and use overly complicated statements about my art and what it means. My work is so much simpler than that.

I create because it is fun. I create because I like to make myself and other people happy, there’s no more to it than that. I draw because it’s my favourite thing to do. Ever. Trust me, I’ve tried other things and I always come back to the sketchpad. My only goal is to make people smile, unfortunately, business and the need for income has come into play and I have to cater to that side of things too, so I offer freelance commissions.

I enjoy working within the Warhammer community as they’re overall a decent bunch of people! I also enjoy drawing anthropomorphic artwork from time to time. As for the how, I sketch everything with a Faber-Castel Grip pencil, use packs of decentish quality printer paper. Scan it in with a Canon Pixma Scanner and finish the artwork off with a standard Wacom Intous in a program called Fire Alpaca; nothing fancy.

Places to find Jenn: