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Review: Fallen Angels – Mike Lee

Fallen AngelsIt seems to have taken me forever to read this book. Being busy at work has certainly not helped matters but I have finally managed to finish it! Not that the summer holidays have had anything to do with that, no sir!

I’ll start by saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Dark Angels book – Descent of Angels by Mitchel Scanlon. I found the pacing a bit off and compared to the rest of the series, it was a bit of a bad egg. It wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t as good as some of its predecessors.

Fortunately, this one is better. The pacing at the start of the novel is slow, I will concede that point and it took a while to get going. When it did get going however, it turned into the ‘cannot put down’ page turner that I expect from a Horus Heresy novel.

The story picks up the two separate tales of cousins Nemiel and Zahariel; the two protagonists from the first novel and continues their saga. I’m not going to say overly much about what happens, I want you to go and read the novel for yourself and find out but I will say that it is exciting.

The plot of the two stories don’t really entwine with one another. Nemiel’s is based on the planet of Diamat, where the Dark Angel’s, along with their Primarch have to thwart the rebel’s attempts at securing the planet. Zahariel’s is set on Caliban along with Luther and the other ‘banished’ Dark Angels. The two plots are both engaging, when they find their momentum, and there are some astonishingly well written battle scenes to boot. There are some pretty hefty twists towards the end of the book too which were interesting, again, I’m not going to discuss them in detail but believe me, you’ll roll your eyes!

Give the book a read, it is well worth it despite the slow start!

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Painting Dreadnoughts!

Thought I would do a bit of an update. I’ve not played any games this week owing to time constraints and needing to get other things sorted out (wedding) but I have managed to squeeze in some painting here and there.

I’ve finished the Primaris Intercessor squad and tried to take a half decent picture of them – tricky with an ipad and some sheets of A4 paper but I think you get the idea. I’ve improved with every model I have painted and I am so pleased with the contrasting edge highlighting on the blue armour.

Today’s project was to make a start on the deredeo dreadnought I’ve had sitting about for a while. I wanted to try some blending on the flat areas of his plates and it has taken an age to get right. I’ve also tried to paint a light source on it as well, something I have never done before. He is far from finished but I feel I have done a pretty neat job so far. I’ve also stuck in a picture of Guilliman because he’s now assembled and awaiting some paint. An awesome model who is going to be a further challenge!

As a side note, I’ve reached over 22 000 words of my Chapter’s story and am about to start part 3. Another thing I am proud of this week!

I want to do a couple of shoutouts to awesome people I have met lately too. Dave, a Space Wolf player, has been instrumental in encouraging my to share my stuff with the wider world adn encouraging me to do so. This is a link to his blog, go check it out, there is some great stuff over there!


I have also met some photographer dude named Chris Frosin! He has just returned to the hobby, is the most enthusiastic person on the planet and also has encouraged me to be better than I am. The updates and questions about what I am painting/writing has kept me focused. This is his website, check him out!


Also… this if you like stupid and 40K stuff, give this blog a bit of a look through… It’s pretty dumb…


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Mechanicum – Horus Heresy Book 9 – Graham McNeill

Mechanicum-A5-thumbI was fortunate enough to read this book while I was sunning myself on the beach in the far distant Caribbean, both of which was a treat.

This book was rather different than the last few I have read. Instead of focusing on Space Marines and Primachs, this one looks at how the Heresy affects the workings of the forges on Mars (The Mechanicum as the title subtly suggests…)

I found this book to be a welcome change from the material I have been reading so far. There are mention of Space Marines, however they are far from the focus of the novel. Instead, the reader is treated to the inner workings of large warmachines – Titans, and their respective Princeps. As well as following the tale of a young tech genius and her friends.

I am not going to give away what happens, that would be unfair and I hate writing review with spoilers in. The book is well worth a read, the characters are well written and although I was not as taken with them as I have been in previous books, they are still worth reading and investing in!

There is one particular piece of writing that I feel deserves a special mention – the description of what happened during a particular disaster that spread across the whole planet was particularly masterful. I was easily able to picture exactly what was happening throughout the section and the sense of impending doom that ran through the section was spectacular.

I did feel that the pace of the book was somewhat slower in places, though it never dragged. I have put this down to being used to the rapid flow of the previous novels. Not every book can run at a break neck speed and the story did not lose anything because of this.

All in all, I rather enjoyed the change of focus of the novel and would recommend it as a decent read.

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Battle for the Abyss – Horus Heresy Book 8 – Ben Counter

Ben Counter Battle For The AbyssNow, I know this book has not been the most popular in the series. When I said it was the one I was reading next, my sister, and several other people, warned me that it was ‘a bit rubbish’ (I am paraphrasing) and that I should skip it.

I am glad I didn’t listen to them!

Alright, so it’s nowhere near as good as the first three books in the series, but then again that is going to take a lot of beating.

Lets start with the positive.

Excellent characters: They are well written, carefully thought out and each have their own goals. None of them are perfect and for most of the novel, none of them actually get on either. I’m not going to spoil the novel for those that want to go away and read it but for me, ‘Rambo-Space Marine’ was one of the highlights of the book. The mental images that the writing brought to mind were perfect!

Solid Story Line: There is a good plot to the novel which I never thought I would like. The setting is space and it involves a lot of ship combat – something I never thought I would like about a novel. However this is the exception. There is a lot of it in the book and it is very well written. Ben Counter knows his stuff!

The Negative.

Pace: I would have thought that a book with so much going on in it would be a bit quicker. Such is not the case however. There are parts of the novel that are plodding and slow and I feel that with another round of editing, it could have been so much better. There are a lot of dead words and without these ti would have been a much more exciting read.

Generally speaking, pace is the only thing wrong with the novel. Counter is a master at writing and I really enjoyed reading this book.




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Seven Model Army...Just a quick update to let folks know where I am up to and what I have spent the last few days doing in regards to the hobby.

I am part the way through Battle for the Abyss and I am enjoying it. Not as much as Legion but I find I am liking the story and the characters. This is a bit of a surprise as it has been mostly ship based so far, not something I thought I would like.

I have been painting some Space Marines with heavy weapons and they are proving to be a bit of a challenge. I’ve run out of regular guys to paint so need to get my act together and get some put together to fix this little problem – pictures of that (failure) to follow.

The novel writing is also coming along well, I have hit over fifteen thousand words and am going strong with it. Most days I smash my pitiably low target of one hundred words and I am loving getting to know the characters and how they react in different situations.

On a much sadder note, I did not get the job as a writer for Games Workshop.

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Legion – Dan Abnett

LegionI don’t know if I have the words to say how much I loved reading this book. I could not put it down. Admittedly, there have been a few in the series that have been like this for me. After Descent of Angels I was a bit worried the series might be falling off. I had nothing to worry about because this little gem of a book followed it up.

It is the first that features the Imperial Guard being the focus of the novel rather than the Space Marines and their Primarchs. The story begins with a torture scene and then details the events that lead up to that moment.

The plot in the book twists and turns in masterful loops and I did not see the ending turning out the way it did. There were a few key elements that I did manage to figure out but man, I did not expect the ending to do what it did. It is a real credit to Abnett, who told the tale masterfully well without giving away everything too early. It never felt as if it dragged and the pace was as punchy as I have come to expect from this series.

The characters within the story are well written and are not cardboard cut outs or cliche ridden fools. they each play their part well and come off as well rounded individuals. Not a single person in the novel annoyed me, though I did get a bit angry with some, it was for well motivated reasons rather them being badly written. I genuinely cared about how the characters acted and what happened to them too and after Istsvan III, (There were tears and ice-cream) I have been most reluctant to do so.

There was only one point that was a bit abrupt, which was towards the end. I won’t go into details because spoilers but it felt as though it was a rush at the end and a neat tie off rather than an actual ending. It just read as forced which was a shame.

That said, it did not spoil the rest of this amazing novel for me. I really look forward to reading the next one in the series and hope it is as pacy as this one!


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Dominicus Thoss looked down at the mess that had been Hameal Chios and shook his head. Chios had been a dedicated warrior and a well revered Battle-Brother, who had met his end at the hand of a particularly nasty Tyranid. There were plenty more injured, the fight had been a tough one and Chios had died well. His bravery had ensured the foe was taken down.

Artikus Taran, the apothecary, had removed his gene-seed and stored it safely, there was nothing else that could be done except inform the rest of the brethren of their loss. He was leaning over the body, his shoulders hunched. Thoss walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder, “He did his duty, we can ask no more of him now,” he said, using the words to try and comfort his friend. Taran nodded, he was yet young, still learning that death in battle was not something that could always be avoided.

The door to the medicae bay opened with a bang and the large form of First Captain Corvinus Adas barged in. “Did you save him?” he barked, heedless of the raw nerves he was hitting. Dominicus resisted the urge to roll his eyes; as much as he respected Corvinus, now was not the time for boorishness. He opened his mouth to speak but Artikus beat him to it.

“Not this time,” he said, shaking his head.

“Thought you never lost anyone,” Corvinus said with a snort.

“Corvinus,” Dominicus said, unable to keep the warning tone from his voice.

“What? Kid needs to learn this is not easy!” he replied.

“Of course it’s not easy,” Artikus snapped, his hand automatically fussing with the implement in his hand. Corvinus moved around the table, his eyes focused on the messed up cadaver laid out on it.

“Then why do you persist with such a brash manner?” There was a vein pulsing in the First Captain’s neck and his skin had coloured a shade of red. “Making hollow promises is stupid!”

Dominicus could find no flaw with Corvinus’ words; the naivety of the young apothecary had shown with the pointless bragging of never losing anyone. It had shown his inexperience rather than any special ability he had possessed. It was clear that the bragging had got on the nerves of the more experienced brothers though not to the feckless Artikus. “I never promised-“

“But you did, every time you said no one died on your watch, yet here we are, one of our best dead and you looking the complete idiot!” Corvinus moved around the table, taking out the barrier between them. Dominicus shuffled on his feet a little, aware that this should be happening in private but not willing to excuse himself, he knew first-hand how bad the temper of the captain could be and he did not want Artikus to be on the end of it. Naïve he may be but he did not deserve a beating for it. “How do you expect to win the respect of the others if you’re going to make false promises?” Adas continued.

“Maybe you shouldn’t believe them yourself!”

“I’d be careful-“

“Or what? You’ll hit me? Save it for the practice cages.” Artikus stood up from his hunched position over the body and shook his head, “I’ve said stupid stuff, I know that. I’m done with it but for you to actually think I could save everyone…” He trailed off and shook his head. A small smile crept onto Dominicus’s face and he knew then that the apothecary would be fine. Corvinus’s face coloured a deeper shade of red and he knew it was time to step in.

The chaplain coughed, not to clear his throat but to make them both aware that he was still here and had heard everything. Both of them looked up from the argument they were having and gave him their attention. “We have all lost people we care about,” he said, his soft voice carrying in the large room, “Hameal Chios was well loved and a valued warrior but his work now is done. The Emperor will grant him the peace in death he never knew in life and we should be comforted by that, it awaits us all at the end.” He paused and made sure the two were listening. “You should be honouring your brother’s death, not quarrelling over it,” he added, emphasizing the point. The pair of them looked a little sheepish after that and both nodded.

“You have duties to attend both of you, training to complete and such, go and do it, be the best you can so you can fight on in his name,” he said. Although Dominicus and Corvinus were the same rank, the Captain nodded without question and turned on his heel. The door banged shut after him and Artikus finally looked up.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Thanks are not necessary, I merely spoke the truth,” he replied, “I also have my own work to attend to,” he added, indicating that he should be taking his leave. Artikus nodded and let the Chaplain leave the room without another word, the argument had given him a fair bit to think about.