Let It Go!

During lockdown, I have been involved with a weekly ‘pub quiz’ done via Zoom with the family up and down the country. It has been great as I have seen more of them through this disaster than I have for a long time and it has been rather lovely.

The other day, my niece was painting some Frozen figures. She is seven and I think they were the ones that you made a cast of with plaster and then painted. Something I remember doing when I was seven.

For the first paint-a-thon, at least 3 years ago now, I painted Anna and Elsa myself. They have been sat in the display case doing nothing forever, so I thought it would be nice to put them on a more scenic base and send them to her.

I have seen Frozen – the troubles of working in a primary school – and I know it is set in the cold, so the snow effect stuff worked really well. I wanted some