It is hard starting up a small business. I stopped a well paid career to paint miniatures and the financial fall out has been a challenge. A good friend of mine has followed the same path, she has also stopped a well paid career to walk the path as a tattoo artist. She is damned good at what she does as well. Nansi Twice combines her immense real life drawing skills with the needle to create what I think is a unique look and feel.

Here are some examples:

Nansi 1Nansi 2Nansi 3Nansi 4Nansi 5

Now, as a budding artist it’s a good idea to learn from the greats. She has applied to go to a seminar with a tattoo artist that she greatly admires, and got accepted! Win!

Now the tough bit. It’s in Berlin, she was told about it yesterday, and needs to pay for it by Tuesday Midnight. The problem here is that it costs £900, which is not a small amount of money to come up with in two days for anyone!

As a fellow artist in a small business, I said I would do all I could to help. Nansi has set up a GoFundMe and is doing all she can to raise the required money in the time frame. I don’t usually ask for money as it makes me uncomfortable but if there is anything you can do to help, please do.

The Link:

We have to support one another when we’re starting out, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. ALternatively, there is a shop on her website which has some of her drawings available as prints


40K · Age of Sigmar · Charity · miniatures.

Charity Auction!

As many of you are aware, my sister and I painted for a 12 hour stretch in order to raise money for cancer suffers.

We are not keeping those miniatures as that would be self-serving. I am now going to auction off the miniatures via secret auction:


Message Heretic_deb on ANY social Media platform with a bid and the mini you wish to bid for.

I will keep hold of these until the end of the auction.

After the auction finishes, I will contact the winners and payment will be arranged. I will then post them out to you.

Auction finishes at 5pm Sunday 19th May.

No bid it too low.

It is for charity so please keep that in mind!


Lot 1 – Purple, grey and pink marine
Lot 2 – Bullseye Scout
Lot 3 – Storm cast in Imperial Fist colours
Lot 4 – Winged Stormcast
Lot 5 – Metal Sister of Battle
Lot 6 – Red Eldar
Lot 7 – Mounted Elf
Lot 8 – Flower Primaris
Lot 9 – Purple Storm cast
Lot 10 – Sea Elf
Lot 11 – Orks!!
Lot 12 – Sigmarite Banner Man
Lot 13 – Ork Rider
Lot 14 – THIS GUY!