The last Two Weeks in Pictures!

I have been a very busy bee these past couple of weeks. We took a much needed ten day break to Portugal, staying first in Penha Longa – a golf resort near Lisbon which was part of a holiday won by my husband, and then a week in Monte Gordo. Both places were exceptionally beautiful. We explored old monasteries, ancient castles, drove on the wrong side of the road and ate some exceptional food. Here are some pictures of what we saw:

We got home Monday. Tuesday was an average day with a quick vet trip, Wednesday evening was disastrous. An Asda delivery driver backed into our brick gate post. Thankfully, we have now had a response from the store and they’re going to deal with it. We have the deed on CCTV as well, so there will be no getting away with it! Fixing it in the dark was rather challenging. We also had a wall come down in the wind and have had to fix the gate several times too. The weather is proving to be a challenge…

On Thursday, I finally managed to get some work done. I have been working on some Genestealer Cults for Andy at Simply Warhammer. I’ve not quite finished them but will get them done by Monday. They’re a pleasure to paint and I am enjoying them – especially the tank!

Finally, I have a couple of hours Friday afternoon to work on Primaris Dante – I didn’t get much done, just some base coats, but small progress is better than no progress at all.


Holiday day 4 and 5

Yesterday was spent building miniatures while the rest of the family explored Rufford Park. It was a good, quiet day involving nothing more than plastic skeletons, listening to The Witcher and easy food.

Today I went geocaching, which was pretty neat. I even managed to find a hidden canister with the prize in. My nephew enjoyed it, the dog liked the walk and the scenery was very pretty too. As it was along an old railway track.

I am pretty tired though, and a pint with dad has finished me off. This evening will be short I am sure and I’ll sleep well!


Holiday day 2 – Newark

Today, we headed in to Newark to explore. It is an ancient town and has a ruined castle that was build over 1000 years ago. The ‘new’ castle, which is there today, was constructed on top of an ancient Anglo-Saxon fort.

During the English civil war, Newark was a Royal stronghold and was laid siege to for 3 years. One of the reasons the castle wasn’t destroyed at the end of the siege was because the plague had broken out within the city.

We then explored the rest of the town, which was enjoyable. It felt like a mini York. We ate at a little Greek place and we sat in the sun, which was great considering it’s the end of October.


Nottingham Holiday – day 1

This week, I’m away with the fam – parents, sister’s family and mine. We are staying in a cottage in a tiny village a few miles from Nottingham and Newark.

Today we ventured to the Major Oak – an ancient oak tree – between 800 and 1000 years old. It was lovely to walk through the woodland and get outside. The tree is amazingly huge and impressive. There were also plenty of Robin Hood bits lying around too.

I have also walked my sister’s dog a fair bit, who is enjoying the warmth of the room this evening. Fun was had all round!