Primaris Assault Intercessors – Red.

I recently painted some blue assault intercessor and mentioned I had done some others using the same airbrush highlight technique. I have enjoyed the results of the blue, and think the red has turned out well too. Here they are:

I definitely like this type of highlighting and shall be using it again very soon.



I was recently contacted by a client asking me to paint up some intercessors for his son. I love Space Marines, and I love getting children into Warhammer and such. Warhammer Club was perhaps the best part of my teaching week before I stopped teaching so this request was a no-brainer.

The client sent me a picture of the colouring sheet his son had produced and all I had to do was copy it onto the Marines – simple!

This is what they looked like:

I love how the scheme turned out. Orange, red, grey and blue work so well together! I had a lot of fun painting the orange as well – it was tough, and a colour I haven’t really worked with before either. Next time, I will layer it up from a red base rather than going from a black undercoat.

I have also heard that the client’s son is thrilled with them, so all in all, this was a good learning process, and fun to boot!


Back to Work

The corona pandemic has affected a great many of us and for a good reason. We have been told to stay inside as much as we can, only allowed out for an hour a day to get exercise and to protect the NHS. I have followed the guidelines as much as possible and remaining inside and away from others. I have now done this for six weeks and my saved funds are running low.

For this reason, I have decided to resume working. A lot of my trade is done through ebay at the moment and I have created the listings again stating that I will only be going to the Post Office once a week to post orders out. It means that I will also take commissions again as well.

Part of me looks forward to going back to work because as much as I love painting my own miniatures, I much prefer painting for other people. It doesn’t mean I will be abandoning the Blood Angels, far from it. It does mean I shall be able to build up the depleted savings though, and that is important.

Next week, I plan to finish the squad of Ultramarines I am working on. I shall also go through the shelf and see what I have in the house that I can work on too. The ‘shelf of shame’ is rather full and there has to be some bits on there for me to work on while we are waiting for everything to get back to ‘normal’ whatever that is!

In the meantime, have a shot of the Ultramarine that is mostly finished:

40K · miniatures.

Iron Hand Intercessors

I love painting Space Marines, so it always pleases me to be able to do so. I have some intercessors and seeing how the others sold really well, and I had some left over bits, I decided to make another squad of Iron Hands. I’m really pleased with how they have turned out, and I think I am getting rather decent at painting black armour as well. I like how the spots of highlight have worked this time as well.


The face also looks good in my eyes; faces are something I want to continue to develop this year and this is a good start.

If you are interested in purchasing these minatures, they are available in the store: