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Tutorial: Lava glow (Abaddon’s Cloak)

A lot of people have asked me how I painted ABaddon’s cloak, so instead of explaining it all individually, I decided to find a mini and do a tutorial on it instead. This technique comes down to two things; time and effort. It took a long time for me to do Abaddon’s cloak and no small amount of effort either. Now, that said, here is how I did it.



Paints are: Abaddon Black, Khorne Red, Evil Sons Scarlet, Wild Rider Red, Fire Dragon Orange, Flash Gitz Yellow and White Scar. There is a lot of mixing involved in this as well, so a good palette is useful to have too.

Step 1 – Paint the cloak ABaddon Black, when the paint is dry, sketch on the design lightly. I have gone for an eye this time around. I didn’t photgraph this, we have all seen a black cloak before I assume.

Step 2: Mix 50/50 Abaddon black and Khorne Red and paint over the pencil lines. I also go over the edge of the cloak and around any holes. I’ve added a few fancy bits in here and there. Don’t worry about the lines being thick, each layer needs to be a tiny bit thinner than the last to build up the glow effect.


Step 3: Paint over the same lines with Khorne Red.


Step 4: mix 50/50 Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet and paint over the lines.


Step 5: Paint over the lines with Evil Sunz Scarlet.


Step 6 Mix 50/50 Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wild Rider Red and paint over the lines, trying to make them thinner than the last layer.IMG_2387

Step 7: Paint the lines with Wild Rider RedIMG_2389

Step 8: Paint with 50/50 mix of Wild Rider Red and Fire Dragon Orange.


Step 9: Paint with Fire Dragon Orange.IMG_2393

Step 10: Mix 50/50 Fire Dragon Orange and Flash Gitz YellowIMG_2395

Step 11: Paint with Flash Gitz Yellow. I have neglected to take a picture of this stage, for which I am very sorry!

Step 12: Paint with 50/50 Flash Gitz Yellow and White Scar. By now the layers should be very thin and that glow should be showing up.IMG_2398

Step 12: Touch up and pin highlight with white – don’t go too beserk with the white otherwise it looks odd.



I hope this answers all the questions you may have, if not feel free to get in touch and ask, I will try and answer them as best as I can. I would love to see any results of using this tutorial as well, so please send me pictures!!