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Diorama – Concept and ideas

The idea I’ve got for my next diorama is ambitious to say the least. I have never before attempted anything as large as this, or as detailed. If it works, then it might well be the coolest thing I have ever created. If not, well, the less said about that the better.

I am calling it the Ridiculous Six.

It will be based around five Space Marines who are having a few problems with some Tyranids. The idea has been floating around in my head for a long time now but I haven’t had the skill or guts to try and put it together. With how well Ahriman and the Ahrimen went down, I decided to give this a go and see how I get on.

Here are two of the concept sketches that will form the basis of the diorama itself:

R6 concept 1R6 concept 2

I am not the best drawer in the world but I am sure you get the idea. Fortunately, I have most of the bits I need in order to make this scene. The only things I need to pick up are the Night Lord who is stabbing the Brood Lord in the head and the rippers that the nurglings are going to be battling.

It is going to be an interesting project as the electronics are going to be slightly different as well. I want the Land Raider to have hazard lights and I want it to be spewing out smoke as well – as though the vehicle has crashed.

I need to figure out a colour scheme for the tyranids that’s going to stand out against the Black Legion Marines.

I thought Black Legion would be the best option because not only do I think they are awesome, but the Black and Gold will tie the warriors together rather than having them in their legion ones. I think that these are the ones that get sent in to do stupid jobs in the hope that they will never come back, yet they always do. I shall have to figure out their story as I am working on the diorama.


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Brush Masters

I have been meaning to post my thoughts on this magical brush wizardry sooner but between one thing and another, I have neglected to do so. A friend and I were discussing brushes and their merits when they mentioned their artificer brush had split. I asked what they used to maintain them, which was met with a question. Maintain them?? And so, here we are.


Mine has been well used now and so it has a splash of nuln oil on the lid. I would get through so many more brushes without this wonderful sorcerery. So, how do you use this magic?

Open the tub and use the brush you want to clean to scoop some water into it. Rub up a good lather onto the brush so that all the bristles are covered. This soap has the bonus of smelling like lemons, so is extra nice.

I then tend to rub the brush on the back of my hand, just to make sure that I get all the bristles covered but that is an option really. Then rinse the brush and you’ll find that the point has been restored and preserved. I have brought several old brushes back to ‘life’ with this soap. It costs a little at first but I have had this tub for over a year now and I am not even half way through. Without it, I would have spent far more on new brushes so it was worth every penny.

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