I have a lot going on other than in my Warhammer/hobby life at the moment but that doesn’t mean I have stopped painting. I have managed to paint up some more Necromunda Palantine Enforcers, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I liked the ones I did for a commission so decided to get some of my own to paint. I stick to the colour scheme on the box as I really think this is effective. This is how they turned out:

I really liked the fact that these miniatures came with the moulded bases, and the opportunity to use a fairly limited colour palette. The yellow really stands out about the shades of blue and grey and I think they look good. The added bonus was they did not take that long to paint at all!


Necromunda Enforcers

I was recently contacted by a client, who asked me to paint his Necromunda Enforcers for him. I’ve not painted any Necromunda guys before, but accepted the task. He sent me some pictures of what he was after, and informed me that the guys were already built. It was clear that the client had put a lot of time into who his gang members were, and asked me to paint names on the bottom. Here they are:

The hardest part for me was putting the decals on, a skill I am still learning. The client was pleased, however thought that the miniatures were a bit dark nad needed some small flashes of colour to break up the black parts. I added them in and here are the final pieces: