I was recently contacted by a client asking me to paint up some intercessors for his son. I love Space Marines, and I love getting children into Warhammer and such. Warhammer Club was perhaps the best part of my teaching week before I stopped teaching so this request was a no-brainer.

The client sent me a picture of the colouring sheet his son had produced and all I had to do was copy it onto the Marines – simple!

This is what they looked like:

I love how the scheme turned out. Orange, red, grey and blue work so well together! I had a lot of fun painting the orange as well – it was tough, and a colour I haven’t really worked with before either. Next time, I will layer it up from a red base rather than going from a black undercoat.

I have also heard that the client’s son is thrilled with them, so all in all, this was a good learning process, and fun to boot!

40K · miniatures.

Warhammer 40K Open Day – 2019

I love going to open days. I love the atmosphere, meeting the design and studio teams and seeing people that I don’t see any other time of the year. The exhibition had changed somewhat and I took a lot of pictures as we discovered new pieces. I’ll start with those and then look at the design studio stuff!

Highlights of the exhibition include: Imperial Fist and Crimson Fist guts, Space Marines on dinosaurs, Sanguinius beating up daemons and the Bonereaper display in general.

The best part about these days, is being able to speak to and interact with the design teams. Seeing the concept art – with actual artiss working as we speak – is a real treat and the enthusiasm shared with them is infectious. Being able to share how evokative and inspiring some of the art work is a delight to them, and to share experiences is really lovely. This was gifted to my by Lewis Jones, one of the artists, and it shall take a place of pride in the house, once framed of course:

I need to name this cheerful fellow…

I also managed to look at a lot of new releases and future plans, I have seen the brand new Sisters of Battle box adn the miniatures it contains as well. We also managed to talk to the designers of the new Necromunda box set and scenary. I congratulated the maker on how disgustingly gross it was too. There are a lot of pictures here as well, and a lot I was excited about!

I was not allowed to look inside this shiny new book.

New Admech fliers look really cool!


Goggles man is the king of vision!


The digusto-pit, or corpse-starch factory…


And a final mention for this larger fellow, who I cannot wait to get my dirty heretic hands on and have my way with…


Spikes are a bit chaosy… But also this guy is so cool!!

40K · miniatures.

New Learning!

Today, Gary from The Vanus TempleĀ  ( and I met up with the intention of learning how to air brush. I have had the airbrush for a while, however I have been unsure how to use it. I learn best when I am being shown things and so asked. He said he wouldn’t mind showing me and so today was the day.

I now know the basics, how the airbrush works and some of the simple techniques. The problem is, I am very asthmatic. I have to have daily steroids to ensure I keep breathing properly. I do not have an extractor or spray booth, so we decided that it would be best if I had those things before I started to use the airbrush properly. I do know the important bits and it won’t be long before I start experimenting and playing around with it. Watch this space.

So, instead of waste time while I had an awesome commission painter in the house, we spoke of other things and I got my learn on.

I learned about blending swords – something I consider a weakness.

I learned four colour blending on lenses.

I learned about painting gems.

Small things that I have done before but this is a new way that I have been shown. It was amazing to watch an expert, then have a go at the technique too – and show them my first attempts too.

Here is my sword next to Gary’s. I am very pleased with the result, though I want to practice and play with the technique on other blades and see what I can do with some time and effort.

But who did which sword…?