Titan Tuesday – Part 2

I have been waiting for pipes so I can resume my construction of the Reaver Titan for some time, so I thought it was about time to chase them up. The original email suggested that it might take three weeks for the parts to be made, so I gave Forgeworld some time but after a month I decided I would chase it. Imagine my surprise when I was told that they had been delivered and signed for already.

I checked the UPS website to discover that the person who had signed for the part was not a name I recognised. I often get packages delivered to neighbours on either side and neither of them have the name who had signed for the part.

An email back to Forgeworld and a bit more investigating on their part informed me that UPS had accidentally delivered my Titan Pipes to Rexel in another part of town. A quick phone call and Rexel were able to locate my package. I then drove over and picked them up.

I am not upset with the people at Forgeworld, they were great and helped me locate the missing package. Nor am I upset with Rexel, it is hardly their fault. I am annoyed at UPS for delivering my package to an address with no relation to the one on the actual box. How stupid do you have to be to get that wrong. Rexel is a business, with a business address. The one on the box was clearly residential!

Either way, I am now looking forward to working on the Titan again and getting that project up and running! And then stomping on people with it!!


Critical Role: Vox Machina Miniatures

I won’t lie, I bought this miniatures with the intention of painting them and selling them on. I am not a fan of the show particularly, though the bits I have heard were amusing. I must say I prefer playing table top than listening to others do so. That said, I thought the miniatures would be different to paint and a break from what I usually do.

They were a break. I was not all that impressed with the quality of them however. The quality left a bit to be desired in my eyes. Most of them needed heating and bending back into shape and the mould lines on some of them were particularly bad. If I had backed this on the original kick-starter, I would have been disappointed with the result. I even found air bubbles on one of the miniatures, which is never a good thing! At least it was a relatively small one and didn’t affect the overall look of the miniature.

I did my best with the painting on them. Some of the details were so shallow in the design that they are absent from the finished product. I know Grog is meant to have tattoos on his head, but they just don’t show up. Scanlan’s facial expression is also a little amusing if you look at it closely. One side seems to be smiling, the other seems to be fixed in an evil grin! Anyway, here they are all finished:

I know the show is popular so it is a real shame that the quality in these miniatures is lacking, especially with the high standards that are around from other companies.

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Cypher Lords and a Webstore?

I have just finished painted the Cypher Lords for Warcry, and I must say they are amazing miniatures to work on. They are detailed, interesting and not too fiddly to stick together either. Easier than the Corvus Cabal for definite. I stuck to the colour scheme on the box as I have painted these with the idea of selling them in mind and wanted to stick to what I know is popular. Here they are:

IMG_2676 (2)IMG_2677 (2)IMG_2678 (2)IMG_2679 (2)IMG_2680IMG_2681

I am also going to add a page on this website with miniatures I have painted that are for sale. They will have a price next to them and people will be able to contact me if they are interested. This blog gets a fair bit of traffic now, when I post things and it might be another channel for me to sell bits and bobs – has to be worth a try!

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The Warpsmith, and more finecast rants

Before I stopped ebing a teacher, I did a give away on Twitter, something I like to do from time to time as it’s fun and a good way to meet new people. The winner of this give away was a fellow named John. Instead of having a miniature in mind, I asked what it was he wanted me to paint – within reason of course, and I would paint it to his colour scheme and specification. He chose a Warpsmith and sent me a picture of his scheme. Excellent. I will share the pictures first, then discuss!


I ordered the Warpsmith, and was much dismayed to learn that they only came in finecast. Not only did they only come in fine cast, but the levels of excess flash on them nearly had me in tears. As you will see from the pictures, there are a lot of dendrites and extras flowing off the Warpsmith. Each one of these had to be cleaned up and reshaped using the hot water, cold water method. I had to straighten out the weapon as well, as it was pretty bent too.

One thing I did try was a bit of heat searing on the pipes at the back. Not sure if I completely succeeded but it was a first attempt. I need to add other colours, so will try that on some random things another time.

The levels of flashing on the miniature were awful. I should have taken a picture to highlight how bad it was with this particular individual. Finecast should be so much better than it is. Even the feel of the material is off. I am now working on Mephiston, another Finecast miniature and he almost feels spongy. Thankfully, there are no airbubbles on him. The one on the Warpsmith was easy to carve out and then hide, but I know there are plenty of people out there that have had to return miniatures because of poor casting. This is the only thing I dislike about what Games Workshop do. Finecast is a cheap, poor quality alternative and it should just not exist or be used anymore. It puts me off painting fun miniatures because they are such poor quality.