Krieg – All Done.

It seems to be the week of endings for me. Ptolus on Sunday and now the Krieg army. I have thoroughly enjoyed painting these miniatures. There has been a wide mix of both Forgeworld and 3D printed miniatures, as well as the new Kill Team. They’ve taken a fair bit of time to do, but I am so pleased with how they came out. I admit, I really liked painting the artillery and the tank that came with this batch, which I am sure will come as a surprise to no one! Here are the latest:

The only thing which saddens me about them, is never being able to see them all together. A shame, but I am sure they will do well against their foes! As I will never see them together, here are the rest of them, which will have to do!

I think I can safely say that this is the largest army I have ever painted! I feel a though I have gained some achievement points!


Warmaster Titan Freehand

I’ve had a spot of time to work on my own miniatures recently, so after finishing Primaris Dante – more on him later – I worked on some freehand on the Warmaster.

I have started painting cogs on some of the panels, so carried on. It’s more non-metallic gold, but in freehand form rather than on an entire miniature. It has its challenges, but it’s still fun.

Here are some pictures:

The trim will end up being gold, but is currently based as warm brass. I also need to rub the pencil lines away and clean it up a bit, but so far it’s coming along well.


Raven Guard – Part 2

This week has mostly been spent painting Raven Guard. They are a part of the same army I worked on a couple of weeks ago, and I have used the same scheme, only this time it included a Land Raider Achilles. This made me happy because it’s a tank, and I love painting tanks.

Here they are in all their shining glory.

I am glad to have done these, I’m pleased with the edge highlights on all of them, I think they look sharp. This makes the battle scuffs on the tank look really good – at least I think so.


Krieg! part 3

The next part of the Krieg mega list is done. This time it was mainly weapons teams and recruits. The recruits have a white stripe on their head to tell everyone they are the newbies. The weapons teams have extra mud as they are laying down!

Here are some pictures.

The next batch includes a tank, more weapons platforms and bombs! It’s going to be fun.


Krieg! Part 2

I have finished the next instalment of Krieg soldiers! This time it was infantry, two commissars and a flag carrier. They are a mix of Forgeworld and 3D prints and have been fun to work on. All the sculpts are different, which has bright it’s own challenges, but here they are in all their shining, muddy glory:

The flag was the perfect opportunity to practice a little freehand on, and I chose a design that was pretty simple but effective. I found it quick to do because it had only three colours and they are flat rather than blended. It just a case of transferring it onto the flag and filling in the colours.

I also featured two of my favourite miniatures together – bomb Krieger and Hero Commissar. All of these miniatures were fun to work on, which is good, because I have another batch to go. This time, it’s 30+ infantry, 6 weapons teams and several crates. I hope to be done by Friday, but we shall see what the week brings!


The Warhound!

This time, it is not an Adeptus Titanicus update! This weekend, we found some time to work on the Big Guy! This guy has a serious learning curve to him, but is plenty of fun. Here are some progress pictures, and I will share my thoughts after them!

I was in charge of the body part today, so I stripped off the casting gates with that handy looking saw and tidied up mould lines and extra bits that shouldn’t be there. There was quite the pile of resin when I was done!

My next task was putting it together. Resin is quite heavy, so I employed the use of rubber bands to get the right level of tension for the glue to go off. It was quite tricky to get the whole thing to sit right, and I know there is going to be a fair bit of greenstuff work further down the line, but for now, I have some of the body together.

The legs are also coming together nicely. They are now fixed to the hips with good use of epoxy resin and a clamp stand. The toes are on one foot and soon the other will be done too. We have certainly used some interesting tools to get this beast in the right position. Rubber bands, the clamp stand and a volunteer water demon.

It is a big step closer to getting it mostly built so I can paint it – hurrah.


Krieg. Part 1

My latest task has been to paint a few Krieg miniatures – both Games Workshop and third party. The first batch of infantry was around thirty miniatures and six horses. Here they are:

My next set is a batch of 48, then some weapons platforms and another lot of 39 guys.

It is a good job I like the miniatures!!


Raven Guard!

I love the fact I get to do my hobby as my job. I get to paint my favourite miniatures, and then not have to worry too much about finding space to keep them. If it was left to me, I would probably have all the Space Marines which would be ludicrous. I was more than pleased when I was contacted and asked to paint a squad of Raven Guard in Mark III plate.

I haven’t done any edge highlighting like this for a while, so they took me a little longer than I expected. I was pleased with the result. Here they are:

I am particularly pleased with the sergeant’s power sword, and the dark green. The client sent me some pictures to work from, and this really helped me nail down the colouring. After trying a few different methods out on a volunteer chaplain, I was able to create these guys as above.

Next, I shall be working on a mountain of Kriegers – another mountain of Kriegers…


Recent Minis of Mine

Last week, while waiting for deliveries of both miniatures and the right paint, I managed to squeeze in some of my own miniatures. I want to think of them as skills practice, and in a way they are. I finished Primaris Dante; now he only has the base left to do, and I got some more freehand done on the Warmaster Titan. That Titan is going to take a long time to finish, but my word when it is done it is going to be one heck of a pretty engine. Here are some pictures:

I say he is done. No doubt that when I look at him again, I will find no end of errors and have to fix them.

I feel like I have ‘levelled up’ when it comes to freehand. I look at these and wonder if it was truly me who did them.

I also managed to get a test mini done for some Raven Guard, and he looks kinda neat!