Where are you?

Well, I’m not dead. I don’t think. I e had a cold lately and so been recovering from that particular nastiness. I’ve not done much hobby, except stick some Sisters of Battle together and undercoat them. I shall be working on them more this week when things are back to normal.

I have read a fair few books, mostly about Mephiston and the Blood Angels. Excellent reads and inspiring miniature wise as well. I have plans, big plans, for creating things in the new year based on what I have read. For now, painting Astorath and old Mephiston will suffice. I stole it from my instagram, forgive the framing:

This is always a busy time for year for most people and so I know blog posts might become few and far between. Abaddon and Teal has been drawn for the month in an attempt to make life easier for me. I have ideas about where I want to take my work ventures in the new year, but need the time to consider what direction to truly take. I think when I have had time to reflect and settle from the madness that is December, I shall be fine.

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