Dragonheist: D&D Miniatures

I have started playing in a new campaign recently, and that means new miniatures. I really love painted minis for D&D games, I feel it adds a new level to the game as I have mentioned before in previous posts.

This time, I am playing a half-orc monk. There is also a rabbit-person (I cannot remember what they are called in game) and a human warlock. We are playing a bunch of police officers and shall be investigating the goings on in Waterdeep.

The minis have turned out really well. I particularly liked using purple to shade the orc skin and I will definitely be looking at doing something like that again to refine the technique.

There is also a bonus witch, who I finished at the same time!


Warhammer World: Part 2

I did not expect to go back to Warhammer World quite so soon after our last visit a few weeks ago! It is not far from where we live – an hour and a half at the most, and this time we took some friends with us. It was a great chance to look at some bases and get some inspiration for how I want to do my Titan base for Golden Demon!

Little Stampy is now going to be a Golden Demon entry, and as such, I want to kick up the ideas I had for him and really think about how I want the final piece to look. I took a lot of pictures while I was there and have them stored up for inspiration. Of course I want to share them here as well! There is always new things to notice with the massive dioramas and I love going!

There are also some Thousand Sons on there, because I want my heresy army to be Thousand Sons, because Ahriman!


Anniversary Diorama: HASC meets Warhammer!

Every year, I make a diorama for my husband using the bits I have spare in the hobby room. For me, it is an excuse to try out different techniques and create something fun. I really enjoy doing these and this year was no exception. I got to try out two new things. First of all though, let me show you what I made:

The two things I created that were new this year, was the river and the barrels.

I have wanted to try rusty barrels for a while, and this was the perfect excuse to do so. I found a recipe for it online and I am pleased with the results – I shall do a tutorial on this in a few posts time!

The other thing was the river. For that, I found some dried leaves outside and scrunched them up until I had small flakes. I then used PVA glue to put them on the base in a river, including the little waterfall area. When that had dried, I went over it with Vallejo’s Water Texture goo (which smells pretty interesting) and then let it dry. When I had done so, I had a river!

For those who are unsure what is going on in this diorama, here is an explanation. The Space Marine, is playing Humanity Ascendant – a sci-fi, post apocalyptic LARP, which uses QR codes as a method of passing on information about the world to the players. He is using his scanner to see what those barrels are! More info on HASC can be found here:


Book Review: All Quiet on the Western Front – Remarque

This is the next of the books that detail human suffering between its covers that I have enjoyed reading. I did enjoy this read, however the tone of the novel was significantly different from the others I have read.

This novel is much more forlorn and melancholic than the previous novels. It does not skimp on the grisly details of trench warfare; there are plenty of body parts and gross details in the novel, however there is more of a focus on the mental state of the soldiers and the futility of their existence. It is a depressive novel in many ways, though that did not detract from the enjoyment of the book and the insight into this different aspect of warfare.

That this novel is written from the German side, rather than the English, or indeed French, is a change too. Of course, we know the outcome of the war now, and to follow the journey of the soldiers as the unit withers and dies – both from shells and starvation is enlightening in different ways.

The novel is not all depressing however, there are some heart-warming tales of capers and fleeting. moments of ‘relaxation’ that lighten the tone somewhat. Inevitable though, the reader is reminded of the horror of war when these moments are dashed away.

Ratings then:

Gross factor: 5/10

Grit: 9/10

This one scores high on the grit for the overall bleak tone, which outweighs the grossness factor. It is well worth the read though!


Simply Warhammer: Giveaway!

Andy over at Simply Warhammer is doing a giveaway with a difference! Details are laid out in his video here:

The difference here is I am going to be painting the miniatures for the winner! If you want to be in with a chance to win some awesome painted goodies, subscribe to his channel!

I do a lot of work for Andy, and have done over the past few years. It’s a great collaboration and one I really look forward to!


Iron Warriors Tank!

As most of you know already, I love tanks. I love painting them and think they look cool. So today I decided to finish off/touch up one of the Iron Warrior Tanks that I have had laying around here for ages.

I added a lot of grime in the recesses to make them stand out, and some battle chips with rust, and more grime too! I airbrushed Seraphim Sepia around the bottom of the tank to make it look extra muddy and painted over the black to make it look a little crisper too.

I am so pleased with how this tank turned out!


Take a Walk Through the Ages

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of going to a local showground to an event that explored different areas of history. Everything from Romans to World War II. A whole host of reenactors displayed weaponry, fired guns and drove vehicles showing off the era of history they were interested in the most. There was even a recreation of a battle scene from WWII!

It was loud, it smelled of cordite and smoke but it was a lot of fun. Everyone there was very friendly and eager to talk about their passion. I heard a lot of stories from people from all different backgrounds and it was amazing. I also took a lot of pictures – as you can imagine – and I want to share those here!

I can’t pick which part of the day was my favourite. I loved seeing the costumes, the battle, hearing the guns and talking to everyone as well. We had a great time, and I am already looking forward to next year’s event!


Knight Moirax

Regular client and my good friend, Andy over at Simply Warhammer on Youtube, commissioned me to finish off a set of three Knight Moirax recently.

I love painting bigger miniatures and these are lovely detailed kits. They did not take me too long to paint as bits of them were already done. I am especially pleased with the bases – this is something I want to start getting a bit more adventurous with. I used red crackle paint over a yellow base and then drybrushed some orange over the top and added dead plants to give a desert battle ground feel.


Iron Warrior Terminators

Over the past couple of days, I have been working on some more of the Iron Warriors that have been hanging around here. It was really nice to get some more of them done and in the cabinet. This time, it was the terminators! They did not need too much touching up, and I feel that what I have done to them has made them pop a bit more.

I really like the ones with missiles on their backs! I think they are my favourites so far in this group!


Alternative Pox Walkers!

I have recently painted up a bunch of gravewalker zombies that are going to be used as pox walkers. I had loads of fun painting them up and they didn’t take long to do either. I went for a green and grimy look, and did not need to do the bases as the client will finish them off to match other minis.

I love painting undead things, and these for right in!!

The only thing I might add is some slime here and there, just for extra nurgle grossness!