Forster’s Foundry: New Additions

It has been a very busy month for me. I’ve had a few large commissions on the go – more about those in another post, and I have been adding new lines to the store. It has been a while since we’ve added anything new, but now we have taken the time to do so. I have always liked ThatEvilOne’s sculpts, and the new ones are no different. The House of Excess are a futuristic army with very decadent vibes in them. From frilly pants to curly shoes, they just look fun. I want to try and schedule in some time to paint some in the near future too. Here they are:


Tonie – something a bit different.

I was recently contacted by a fellow on instagram who wanted something painting as a gift for his daughter. He explained to me that what he wanted painting was a thing called a ‘tonie.’ I had never heard of these before, considering I do not have children though, this is not surprising.

What the device does is enables you to record a message onto it, which can be played back to the child at any time. They are customisable too, so I was asked if I could paint it to look like his daughter.

I had to ensure that both the paints I use and the varnish are ‘child friendly’ first, once that was established, I was more than happy to have a go. Here are the results:

It was nice to paint something different too – I’ve never done anything like this before, and I do enjoy a challenge.


Krieg – All Done.

It seems to be the week of endings for me. Ptolus on Sunday and now the Krieg army. I have thoroughly enjoyed painting these miniatures. There has been a wide mix of both Forgeworld and 3D printed miniatures, as well as the new Kill Team. They’ve taken a fair bit of time to do, but I am so pleased with how they came out. I admit, I really liked painting the artillery and the tank that came with this batch, which I am sure will come as a surprise to no one! Here are the latest:

The only thing which saddens me about them, is never being able to see them all together. A shame, but I am sure they will do well against their foes! As I will never see them together, here are the rest of them, which will have to do!

I think I can safely say that this is the largest army I have ever painted! I feel a though I have gained some achievement points!


The end of an era – Ptolus 3.5

At the weekend, we finished our long running D&D campaign. I’ve posted about it before on this blog, but now it has come to an end, I want to give it a send off. We played this campaign for ten years. A decade. Myself and one other player had the same characters from level 1 to 20 without dying. There were some near misses of course, but I feel as though I have achieved something here.

It has been a monster journey! It all Started before the new edition came out!

I cannot pinpoint one single moment as there has been so much to look back on, but here are a few events that stick in my mind:

The deck of many things – one character getting shoved off to another plane and then his soul trapped in a prison on another. Another character becoming a lord. Gaining stats, losing most our fortune and death turning up to try and claim my character only to be cleaved in half.

Going back in time to resurrect an ancient goddess so she can kick the ass of another ancient god.

A new paladin turning up to try and save the party only to have the party rush forward and smash the thing he was trying to save us from – no one else gets to be the hero. There were very real consequences.

The belt of gender change.

One of the players having his house smashed up by a lich in revenge for him smashing up the lich’s house and taking his smoking jacket – it was the ultimate in petty.

Fighting in a major battle.

Sending a Pit Fiend and Balor to guard the commissar without him knowing, only for them to thwart an assassination attempt on him by other demons. Those other demons got wrecked, and we got into trouble.

In the end, we destroyed the book that was trying to draw evil back to the game world. It was a hard fight, it was a good fight. We worked together to get the job done, despite mind controls, huge demons and stupid tentacles. My Barbarian struck the final blow, thus bringing the campaign to a close. She opted to return to Ptolus, while other party members decided to take different paths.

I thought it a fitting end to her. She returned to a city she knows and loves. She will protect it until her death. She also had a thing going with the prince of the city, so I like to think she became the ‘Pope’s’ wife too. There was a castle the party were building and she’ll spend her time training new adventurers and fighting off any new threats that might come at the place.

It has been a wonderful journey!


Blood Bowl! Khorne and Sevens!

Last weekend, I played my first game of Blood Bowl in a long, long time. Blood Bowl was the first ever Games Workshop game I ever played, way back in the dim past, when I was around fifteen. We were going to play a simpler version of the game called Sevens, which made learning how to play a little easier than what I remember!

Anyway, I picked up the new Khorne team – the miniatures look awesome so I went with them, no other reason than that, and off we went.

They also have a werewolf!

The first half was spent learning who can do what, and how well. I beat up a load of halflings, even killed some outright, which as far as Khorne is concerned was a winning situation. My opponent’s trees got rooted in both halves, and this gave me a distinct advantage.

As expected, these guys are pretty good at beating people up, but not so good at catching the ball. I was playing halflings, who are pretty puny but also good at catching. See where this is going?

The second half was a bit more even. I killed less halflings, but ultimately failed at catching the ball and therefore could not score any touchdowns.

I had a lot of fun with it though, and I look forward to using the actual team, rather than proxies! It is a fun game and I certainly want to play again soon!


Humanity Ascendant: Event 8

This weekend, I had the fortune to go to Humanity Ascendant Event 8. The last event was in September, and was a lot of fun. This time was no different! Friday evening involved visits from some tribal people who are our allies, learning about the ancestors from one of them, and creating terrible slanderous poetry about a rival bunker leader. I am not going to publish that offensive drivel here, but know that my inner 12 year old is very proud of the swearing involved in such work.

Saturday morning was spend either helping set up missions or creating more propaganda posters calling out the big baddie!

Our mission on Saturday involved going out to investigate why some tribal people have been acting strangely. Along the way, we found a body with its head off – gross, and got shot at by some not-right tribals. We didn’t get dead, but we did get our heads messed with. When we found their priest, we fell under his influence and were unable to do him harm. He and his followers were drinking from a wellspring of C7 (liquid power) and were a bit nutty.

We couldn’t find a reason for them to be acting strange, so we backed off. At that moment, the compulsion we had all been under evaporated, so we murder-charged the group and shot them all! We then took his staff, a sample of the well, made an example of those who abandon their brothers through the act of humiliating videos and then tried to cheese it back to camp.

Of course, there was an ambush on the way back! Sniper rifles are bad. Snipers on the other side of a ravine who are far away are even worse. It took us a fair while, and rather a lot of health refills to get them, but they did eventually die!

The evening was spent chatting rubbish in character, sharing information and learning what else had happened through the day on other missions.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend. I hung out with awesome people, had a great laugh and met some new people too.

I am very much looking forward to the next event in June. If you want to join in the awesomeness, please get in touch!


Warmaster Titan Freehand

I’ve had a spot of time to work on my own miniatures recently, so after finishing Primaris Dante – more on him later – I worked on some freehand on the Warmaster.

I have started painting cogs on some of the panels, so carried on. It’s more non-metallic gold, but in freehand form rather than on an entire miniature. It has its challenges, but it’s still fun.

Here are some pictures:

The trim will end up being gold, but is currently based as warm brass. I also need to rub the pencil lines away and clean it up a bit, but so far it’s coming along well.


Raven Guard – Part 2

This week has mostly been spent painting Raven Guard. They are a part of the same army I worked on a couple of weeks ago, and I have used the same scheme, only this time it included a Land Raider Achilles. This made me happy because it’s a tank, and I love painting tanks.

Here they are in all their shining glory.

I am glad to have done these, I’m pleased with the edge highlights on all of them, I think they look sharp. This makes the battle scuffs on the tank look really good – at least I think so.


Krieg! part 3

The next part of the Krieg mega list is done. This time it was mainly weapons teams and recruits. The recruits have a white stripe on their head to tell everyone they are the newbies. The weapons teams have extra mud as they are laying down!

Here are some pictures.

The next batch includes a tank, more weapons platforms and bombs! It’s going to be fun.