Ad Mech Part 2

I have finished the second part of the Adeptus Mechanicus after what feels like an age. I have very much enjoyed the commission, and working on a whole army all at once rather than a few miniatures here and there. It was not as much of a slog as I feared it might be, but I did use a lot of red!

The only mini I have not pictured is the flier, as It is being sent part assembled, and it did not fit in the light box!

I shall be taking a bit of a break from the Ad Mech, but not for long as I already have a few more waiting to be done!


D&D Vampire Miniature

One of the Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I am involved in in Curse of Strahd – 5e version. It is perhaps the creepiest game I have ever played and as someone who is not overly keen on horror, it is proving to be very atmospheric. I am sure that has nothing to do with the surround sound creepy noises and everything to do with an excellent Games Master and terrifying setting.

It is also the first game we are playing face to face in many months, and it now has the advantage of actual table top miniatures. This is something that is still pretty new to my D&D experience and it adds a new level to it – it also makes keeping track of things a lot easier. What makes it even better is having those miniatures fully painted.

The one I did for the campaign has yet to show up, which player me is relieved about. Painter me cannot wait to see it though:

Printed at the Foundry (, I then painted him up with crisp red and blue steel. I also painted the crest on his cloak, because what else would an ancient, all powerful self-obsessed vampire need?

I am both looking forward to, and dreading, meeting this version in the game!


The Great Skeleton Revival

When I started painting, at the tender age of 14, I was a goth. I wore black, listened to The Sisters of Mercy a lot and painted undead. It suited me to the ground and although I wasn’t all that good at painting, I loved it.

A short while ago, one of the Foundry orders was to paint a vampire on a horse. I was taken back twenty something years to my early painting days and found myself wanting to paint undead again.

One trip to Stronghold Games in Hull later, I found myself with a start collecting box of AoS Soulblight Gravelords and a colour scheme in mind.

Although I have been busy with work miniatures, I managed to squeeze in some time to paint these little gems:

I love them. 14 year old goth me loves them. Neon green paint is a bit of an interesting addition but I feel it works well.

I also have a huge box of the Mortal Realms Night Haunts hanging around so you can bet on it they will be seeing some paint in the not too distant future!


Lunar Auxilia, Forsters Foundry!

I have had a very busy month. Between (nearly) finishing the Ad Mech Commission – one flier to go and counting, other commissions and the foundry, I have wanted to do nothing more than sleep when I am done. No rest for the wicked it seems.

Today however, I wanted to pop along here and show what new products we have released for the Foundry. I have not painted them as yet, due to being knee deep in Skitarii, but they are in the works.

We have launched Political Officers – to keep an eye on those heretics to make sure they are not doing anything too loyal, and Torrent Ogres, who will be excellent at bashing things into pulp. Here they are in their unpainted magnificence:

These, as well as our other 3D printed products, can be found here:

I have also been painting miniatures for Foundry orders. It is always a pleasure to paint other people’s characters, as I know how fun and important they can be. This time, I worked on a bugbear monk that was ordered through the print and paint service.

Details of this service can be found here:

For now though, I will be glad to get the Ad Mech done and maybe, just maybe, let the steam dissipate from my brushes before I start again! Not Likely! I have far too many other projects in the works to even think about stopping!


Lunar Auxilia Lord Conjurer

As well as work on the Adeptus Mechanicus commission, I have been adding to the Lunar Auxilia range for Forster’s Foundry. I love these miniatures and the more of the range I see, the more excited I am about them.

I want to share the Lord Conjurer today, as I really liked his pose, his flaming hands and his lead weight too. He didn’t take long to paint, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

The prints of this mini can be found here:


Adeptus Mechanicus – Part 1

I have been working on an army commission for the Adeptus Mechanicus for the past couple of weeks, and I like to think I have finished the first third of the army. I have not done a commission this large before, but I am really enjoying it. I was thinking about having my own Ad Mech army, but now I get all the joy of painting one, without having to find space to keep it afterwards. Here is how I have got on so far:

I have already built part of the next third, so keep your eyes open for future blog posts.

These are painted to T1 level.

book · miniatures.

The Coolest Notebooks!

As some of you know, I indulge occasionally in Live Action Role Play. With the pandemic easing off, we’ll soon be allowed back out in the field again. Time to shed the weight, get fit again and get running about in the woods, be it in Post Apocalyptic Style, or High Fantasy. Last weekend was LarpCon – albeit in a different form. Outside in the sunshine and ticketed so as not to overcrowd. There were plenty of traders, plenty of hand sanitizer and lots of seeing old friends again, and meeting new ones.

I did manage to pick up a few things, but my favourite purchase was a hand bound book in green leather and gold metal. Anyone who knows me, knows I love notebooks and this one just had to be mine! It is far too heavy to carry around as a spell book, but I had to have it anyway.

The lady who made it was a lovely person too. She makes all her books by hand, which is quite a skill, and I happened to catch sight of some of her calligraphy too, which was awe inspiring. She has other glorious notebook for sale – some of which I have pictured here, and she can be found on Facebook here:

Or send her an email

Here are some of the books she had made lately, which are currently for sale. You’ll have to get in touch with her to find out prices, but please, please do. They are wonderful creations!



I’ve been up to my knees in Ad Mech and 3D printing for a while, that I forgot to post this guy. This knight was a commission I did recently. It was a challenge as it’s the biggest miniature I have painted and built from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed doing so and I loved how he turned out.

The client wanted a dark and sinister scheme so after discussion, we went for black and dark copper. Here is how he turned out:

The last picture I couldn’t resist taking.

Both of us were pleased with how it turned out and I learned a great deal while creating him.


Forster’s Foundry!

Finally, we are ready to launch the website for 3D Printing!

It has been a gruelling few weeks of vat issues, build plate problems and brittle resin. We have spent a good deal of time tinkering and fixing up the 3D printers and the website and we feel we are finally ready to launch.

We are licensed to sell the Lunar Auxiliar range, and here are some of the miniatures we are currently offering:

As well as these miniatures, we are offering a ‘Print and Paint’ service. Where you supply us with a file of a miniature you have created on another site, and we will print it and paint it for you. We also offer just printing if you want to paint your miniature yourself. Here is one example that had been done so far:

The website is:

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or want to know more about what we do!


Custodes Dreadnought Commission

I finished this guy a while back, but have only just got around to posting about him. I was commissioned by one of my regular clients to paint a Custodes Dreadnought to display standard. It involved non-metallic metals, a lot of blending, some freehand and took me over a week to complete. I, and he, were pleased with the result. I learned a lot about doing Non-Metallic metal while I painted the miniature, and I now feel a lot more confident about doing so in the future.

Here he is:

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this guy, and the chance to do something a bit fancier than table top standard was amazing. It was particularly difficult to let this miniature go to its new owner! The client reposed the dreadnought, as I was not confident I would be able to do so. I will happily admit that I am not confident when it comes to resin miniatures, having not done a great deal of my own. However I believe the pose came out very well in the end.