Lunar Auxilia, Forsters Foundry!

I have had a very busy month. Between (nearly) finishing the Ad Mech Commission – one flier to go and counting, other commissions and the foundry, I have wanted to do nothing more than sleep when I am done. No rest for the wicked it seems.

Today however, I wanted to pop along here and show what new products we have released for the Foundry. I have not painted them as yet, due to being knee deep in Skitarii, but they are in the works.

We have launched Political Officers – to keep an eye on those heretics to make sure they are not doing anything too loyal, and Torrent Ogres, who will be excellent at bashing things into pulp. Here they are in their unpainted magnificence:

These, as well as our other 3D printed products, can be found here:

I have also been painting miniatures for Foundry orders. It is always a pleasure to paint other people’s characters, as I know how fun and important they can be. This time, I worked on a bugbear monk that was ordered through the print and paint service.

Details of this service can be found here:

For now though, I will be glad to get the Ad Mech done and maybe, just maybe, let the steam dissipate from my brushes before I start again! Not Likely! I have far too many other projects in the works to even think about stopping!

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