Freehand on the Tank.

One of my clients has recently retired from the Coast Guard, and has asked me to paint an Inquisitor and his retinue in Coast Guard colours. This group also need a super cool transport, which I have been working on this past week. He asked if it could be painted in the colours of the Coast Guard’s vehicles, with their symbol on the back. I was only too happy to oblige. It turned out to be quite the challenge. This is the symbol I worked from, and the car for reference too:

I wanted the symbol to look really cool, so decided the yellow would be a non metallic metal gold. First thing I did was sketch out the symbol where I wanted it on the tank in pencil

I then proceeded to add the gold, working up through the colours starting dark and then layering up yellows and browns until I had the effect I wanted.

I added the gems in the crown and tidied up the details.

The final part – which was the hardest – was adding the ‘Greek Key’ pattern over the top of the gold. This was particularly nerve-wracking, as if I had gone wrong, I would have had to start over again. I practiced the pattern first, then lightly drew it on in pencil. I then painted over it.

Lastly, I used bluetack to lift of the remaining pencil and the end result is what you see.

Now I just need to finish the rest of the tank!


Personal Miniatures!!

I have started putting some time aside each week to work on my own miniatures. I want to clear some of my own backlog, and it is a good time to practice some skills too.

This week, I worked on some Iron warriors and some more freehand on the Warmaster Titan.

These guys just needed a little bit of touching up and dusting. They did not take long to finish and get put in the cabinet.

This guy’s weapon was broken beyond repair, so I had to look around for a new one. when the Horus Heresy box set drops, we plan on using them as Blood Angels, and I had a spare sword from the 40k ones I had a while back. This guy clearly grabbed a replacement weapon off a fallen Blood Angel!

The layer blending is not perfect. I think I need a darker mid tone so it doesn’t blend in with the light one as much.

I now have most of the troops done; just 6 regular guys, 12 terminators and then I can move on to the vehicles and dreadnoughts.

My other task was to do a bit more on the Warmaster, Captain Cogs. This machine is taking a long time but if I keep doing a little each week, then he’ll eventually get finished!


D&D Miniatures.

While we were on holiday – more of a people stay at ours for the week and we nerd out – we played a couple of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. One of them was the regular Curse of Strahd, which was both terrifying and hilarious in many ways.

The other was a ‘One Shot’ fill in when one of our friends couldn’t make it. We already had the characters and I’d painted these to go with them, so we played a light hearted campaign with the daftest characters I have encountered. A Kobold Alchemist who had all the potions, A goblin Sorcerer who was also a fortune teller and My Gnoll Druid who eats everything she can.

It was a lot of fun, and these are some of the minis I painted so we could enjoy the game in full colour, not grey resin!


The Iron Warrior’s Project

It has been a long time since I have painted or worked on any of the Iron Warriors that I bought last year. Seeing how the new Horus Heresy game shall be released in the not too distant future, I would work on them and try and get the majority of them done before then. That way, when I have all the new miniatures, I won’t have a ton to get through – that’s the theory anyway.

I have worked on a lot of the infantry, and now most of them are finished. I split them into two groups – quick and longer. The quick ones just needed dusting off, touching up and some additional highlights adding in.

The longer ones have bladed weapons that need a bit of blending work doing on them, so they have been placed in a different queue and are awaiting their final work.

Next, I shall be working on dreadnoughts and a fixing one of the fliers that was broken in transit.

Here is my work so far:


Daughters of Khaine – Part 2

Back in December/January, I did a large order of Daughters of Khaine for a client. They were in touch recently and asked if I would do the second part. Of course, I agreed and I have spent a good few weeks working on them. I have to admit that they are not my favourite miniatures. They’re pretty spindly in a lot of places and the aesthetic is just not my thing. That said, they are well made models and I can appreciate them for what they are. Here they are in all their finished glory:


Blood Bowl! Khorne and Sevens!

Last weekend, I played my first game of Blood Bowl in a long, long time. Blood Bowl was the first ever Games Workshop game I ever played, way back in the dim past, when I was around fifteen. We were going to play a simpler version of the game called Sevens, which made learning how to play a little easier than what I remember!

Anyway, I picked up the new Khorne team – the miniatures look awesome so I went with them, no other reason than that, and off we went.

They also have a werewolf!

The first half was spent learning who can do what, and how well. I beat up a load of halflings, even killed some outright, which as far as Khorne is concerned was a winning situation. My opponent’s trees got rooted in both halves, and this gave me a distinct advantage.

As expected, these guys are pretty good at beating people up, but not so good at catching the ball. I was playing halflings, who are pretty puny but also good at catching. See where this is going?

The second half was a bit more even. I killed less halflings, but ultimately failed at catching the ball and therefore could not score any touchdowns.

I had a lot of fun with it though, and I look forward to using the actual team, rather than proxies! It is a fun game and I certainly want to play again soon!


Artist Feature: Ella

It’s been a while since I featured someone else’s work on my blog, and when a friend asked me about it, I was only too glad to lend a hand. I have known Ella for a long while now, back in the distant past of twitter RP! We have kept in touch though, and she is now at the point where she is able to take commissions for artwork. Here are her details in her words, and some examples of her work too!

My name is Ella, I am a writer and self taught artist. I adore everything magical and that is what I tend to draw, DnD characters, characters from my own stories and others OCs. I love doing commissions that have a strong character premise where I can incorporate little pieces of their personality into the illustrations. I can be found on twitter primarily: , my ko-fi and on instagram


Raven Guard!

I love the fact I get to do my hobby as my job. I get to paint my favourite miniatures, and then not have to worry too much about finding space to keep them. If it was left to me, I would probably have all the Space Marines which would be ludicrous. I was more than pleased when I was contacted and asked to paint a squad of Raven Guard in Mark III plate.

I haven’t done any edge highlighting like this for a while, so they took me a little longer than I expected. I was pleased with the result. Here they are:

I am particularly pleased with the sergeant’s power sword, and the dark green. The client sent me some pictures to work from, and this really helped me nail down the colouring. After trying a few different methods out on a volunteer chaplain, I was able to create these guys as above.

Next, I shall be working on a mountain of Kriegers – another mountain of Kriegers…