D&D Miniatures.

While we were on holiday – more of a people stay at ours for the week and we nerd out – we played a couple of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. One of them was the regular Curse of Strahd, which was both terrifying and hilarious in many ways.

The other was a ‘One Shot’ fill in when one of our friends couldn’t make it. We already had the characters and I’d painted these to go with them, so we played a light hearted campaign with the daftest characters I have encountered. A Kobold Alchemist who had all the potions, A goblin Sorcerer who was also a fortune teller and My Gnoll Druid who eats everything she can.

It was a lot of fun, and these are some of the minis I painted so we could enjoy the game in full colour, not grey resin!

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